Relex investment platform celebrates 250 million RLX invested, begins distributing returns

Over 250 million RLX have now been invested on the Relex Capital platform, the equivalent of 12.5 percent of the total supply.

The growth was spurred by proprietary Relex innovations such as nanocoining, which created opportunities for individuals to invest in underlying assets, such as offerings in Canada and Vietnam.

Relex is a crowdfunding, cryptocurrency based platform for real estate and infrastructure development. It has approval for up to $50 million USD worldwide, granted by the national government of Belarus.

With these investments, the fully functional investment platform, co-created with Katipult, will begin to help investors develop wealth.

The Relex team has also set an example by making investments themselves. Members of the team have invested tens of millions of RLX into the platform, with many locking-up large portions of their holdings back into the platform.

As an additional note, the Relex team was asked by the Vietnamese government to conduct consulting and design work regarding an FDI investment project, and work is currently underway.

Relex is also currently in talks with a seaport and a winery project.