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Apr 23, 2019 · 3 min read

Relex participated in both the Big Disruption Summit hosted in the Netherlands and the Innotech UK 2019 event hosted by Emerging Europe Alliance on April 11 and 12.

The Amsterdam event was attended by team members Artem Dorokhov (Relex VP of Marketing) and Andrea Romaoli Garcia (Relex Development Advisor & UN Ambassador for Hunger and Poverty). Keith Hilden (CEO) represented Relex and spoke in London at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

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The Amsterdam speaking session explored the role of government in a Hyper-Connected World. During this discussion, Garcia covered topics such as the digital economy, crowdfunding, and partnerships between governments and the private sector to build urban and rural infrastructure.

Shortly after, Dorokhov was invited to speak about the HETMA Project: Roads to the Future, touching upon the influence of blockchain/cryptocurrencies and how it can address income inequality and other socioeconomic issues, followed up by real action. This project (spearheaded by Relex and actively in discussion with the Vietnamese government) was laid out as a clear use-case example of how the private sector can work with government to generate profits, speed up development and boost the local economy.

Dorokhov also revealed to attendees a new contract signing with the My Thuy International Port in Central Vietnam. This unprecedented action marks blockchain-based investment technology being used towards funding upon completion one of Asia’s largest seaports.

Meanwhile, in London, Hilden participated in a panel with representatives from the European Bank of Reconstruction of Development and Kemp Little. The session centered upon the innovative uses of blockchain.

During the panel, Hilden unveiled to attendees the announcement of a contract signing with My Thuy International Port to be funded on the Relex platform, and expounded upon what was possible via the adoption of blockchain and new digital economy. To wit, the My Thuy International Port by berth size and area will be upon completion the largest seaport in Vietnam.

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On April 12, Garcia represented Relex again on a panel with Armin Zadakbar from the European Commission. They spoke about “key trends in the evolution of AI, IoT, and blockchain and their impact on business, society, and personal life.”

Dorokhov meanwhile participated in a panel discussion on popularizing nascent cryptocurrencies to accelerate internet-based businesses. During this discussion, Garcia highlighted the strong changes that occur in a society with usage and integration of artificial intelligence, IoT, blockchain and big data technologies — the result is a society becomes hyper-connected.

Relex continues to represent itself at global events, such as Malta and Toronto, with a greater focus on fireside chats with institutional investors becoming familiar with our model, and to showcase how blockchain-based investments in new digital economy aren’t coming — they’re here.

What’s Next: As an outcome from the Amsterdam event, Relex has been invited to participate at an event in Toronto on May 15. More details will be released as the event date draws near.

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