Squawk Advisors (Relex) reveals institutional investor and developer client list with website relaunch

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Squawk Advisors (Relex’s parent company) has finally unveiled its extensive client list of both institutional investment firms and real estate developers during the relaunch of its website.

Squawk Advisors has contractual relationships with institutional investors whose valuations measure in the hundreds of billions (USD) in investable capital, and with multi-billion dollar real estate developers whose projects span the globe.

Squawk Advisors is already beginning to onboard these partners to the Relex Development platform. A number of them have already agreed to work with Relex Development in the future.

As Relex Development will soon launch its FINRA-compliant platform, has established connections with various national governments, and has been adopted by influential real estate developers across the globe, it’s becoming a uniquely situated one-stop FDI solution.

What does Relex Development offer over traditional investment options?

Blockchain provides much needed transparency for investors, as they can track when their funds are being used. Cryptocurrency also makes global fundraising simpler, helping developers progress through a backlog of lucrative projects. And Relex acts as an intermediary continually making the process as easy as possible while maintaining the highest accountability and transparency standards.

After all, foreign direct investment in low-transparency markets has hit a major rut. Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated attributes higher transparency scores with more capital investment.

High transparency markets such as the United States attract investors locally and abroad; for example, Singapore-based GIC has over 30 percent of its investments in the United States, more than any other individual market.

Relex offers a solution that combats this exact transparency problem. It increases transparency scores for developers, and it makes investors more comfortable working with emerging markets.

CEO Keith Hilden, who represents both Squawk Advisors and Relex Development, has already discussed Relex with the clients below, many of whom were receptive to what Relex could offer.

The following list will introduce some of Squawk Advisors’ clients in added detail. The partnerships listed were established between 2014 and early 2017.

As a member of the National One-Stop Services and Investments Organization, Squawk Advisors has played an integral role in successfully implementing new FDI projects, such as Long Hau Corporation’s industrial parks.

While only brief introductions are provided about the institutional investors or developers below, each name represents a rich history of successful business transactions and partnerships.

Client List

MBMG Group

MBMG Investment Advisory is a Thailand-based investment advisory firm that provides customized investment solutions to a wide range of clientele, from individuals to major institutions. MBMG is led by managing partner Paul Gambles, a former mentor to CEO Keith Hilden, and known also as a frequent guest speaker on CNBC’s Squawk Box.

GIC Private Limited (Formerly Government of Singapore Investment Corporation)

GIC is a sovereign wealth fund, representing the government of Singapore’s foreign wealth reserves, with estimated assets totalling $359 billion USD. GIC is a venture capital firm, with its institutional investments most notably in real estate development. GIC recently said that it sees emerging market disruptors as a buying opportunity.

Leopard Capital

Leopard Capital is a private equity fund manager specializing in frontier markets. Led by emerging market pioneer Douglas Clayton, a former mentor to CEO Keith Hilden, Leopard Capital’s investment portfolio includes much of Southeast Asia. The firm is so successful that Stanford Business School created a class to focus on its success. (As an aside, a quick glance at the Leopard Capital webpage is enough to explain the low importance of websites in the private equity world.)

National Citizen Commercial Joint Stock Bank

NCB has over twenty years of experience gaining the trust of investors, customers, and partners. It was recognized as the Best Digital Bank in Vietnam in 2017, and the Best Financial Advisory Bank in Vietnam in 2016 as elected by Global Banking & Finance Review.


With more than 20 years of experience in Real estate investment and development, Viglacera is one of Vietnam’s leading real estate and industrial parks developers with a number of large-scale construction projects operating in accordance with international standards.


VSIP is one of the largest developers of integrated industrial parks and mixed-use areas in Vietnam. It represents a strategic partnership by the governments of Vietnam and Singapore and has operated for over 20 years. VSIP has attracted investment capital valued at $9.2 billion USD.


Sacomreal is a real estate developer in Vietnam. Its projects, many in southern Vietnam, have attracted interest from major institutional investors.

The above announcement is the 30th of 30 consecutive days of news brought to you by Relex Development.

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