Celebrity Worship

Response to “Celebrity Worship”

I have never seen these Kim Kardashian tumblr posts before and they seriously disturb me. To think that the woman, married to Yeezus (ironic?) who got famous from making a sex tape could be compared symbolically to a figure that is worshiped by so many makes me feel uncomfortable and I don’t even practice a faith! Even as I type Madonna into Google (I know, very sad but I was looking for some more related material!) I have to scroll through pages related to the fading pop star before I find anything relevant on the mother of Christ. Jokes aside; Joel, you raise a very interesting point about modern societies comparisons of celebrities to saints. What this boils down to is how do we, as a modern society, currently define the term “saint”. According to the Oxford dictionary, the term “saint” (noun) is primarily defined as, “A person acknowledged as holy or virtuous and typically regarded as being in heaven after death.” Extracting the religious connotations generally associated with the term, it is also defined as “A person who is admired or venerated because of their virtue”. The Lindsay Lohan comparison is most definitely meant to generate a negative response, but I am still unclear on whether the Kim Kardashian posts were created as satire or by a fan. When I think of a saint, I think of Joan of Arc, the Roman Catholic saint who sacrificed her life for her country and was bold and brave for a young woman of the 1400s. Joan of Arc is very much a “celebrity” of her time in a sense that people knew/know of her story and continue to tell it in cinematic, musical, and theatrical forms. We certainly have empowering celebrities that “do good” not only for our society but advocate for the rights of other world cultures. Consider Angelina Jolie and Emma Watson and their respective work with the United Nations. If Kim Kardashian is considered a “saint” to fans because she birthed an adorable baby with Kanye West and had a champagne glass perched on her oiled up behind, then I give up all hope for society.


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