A blog in the slurping

*ahem* making.

Welcome to Religiously Ramen, a publication where I hope to leisurely post about the most memorable of ramen experiences had in Vancouver, B.C, and beyond. If you come across this page for whatever raison I am just figuring out blog layout things and content so this is quite an early stage and I suggest coming back again in a year. I think you should get the idea now, just how hobbyist it is.

Am I qualified to review ramen? No. Have I slurped enough ramen? No. Do I have a critically acclaimed palate? …No. But do I love ramen? Absolutely yes, though there is definitely someone out there that loves it more than I do and can answer yes under oath to the previous four queries.

Though at least I can say I sold my soul to mankind’s most comforting creation some time ago.

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