Club Meeting Summary #3

Happy Thursday everyone and welcome to our Club Meeting Summary №3! This post is a little late due to my busy schedule, but here it is now. In case you missed our last meeting Wednesday, October 4th, here’s a short wrap-up:

  1. National Taco Day — It was National Taco Day the day of our meeting! We advised all club members to celebrate this amazing holiday with some delicious tacos from some local restaurants.
  2. Meme Creation and Cookies — Dropping the stress by creating some memes and eating some home-made Halloween Cookies. (Featured Photo: Club Officers baking the Remain Happy Logo)
  3. Group Activity: Guess the Rhyme — Since this meeting’s theme was “Memes”, we decided to play a fun activity for members to win some candy. Basically how it worked was that members had to guess the rhyme for the memes our officers made. All of the rhymes followed the rhyme/pattern of “Elf on the Shelf”, for example: “Harry on a berry”, or my favorite “Ms. Nix on a Twix”.
Club Officer, Caitlin Dolt, furiously seeing a candy wrapper left behind.
  1. Meme Sharing — Members who created their own meme shared it in front of the class, and were also rewarded some sweet candy for their hard work.
  2. Weekly Rants and Relatable Talks — It wouldn’t be a Remain Happy club meeting without our officers and members sharing a few rants and stuff we, high school students, relate to. For example: I probably failed my AP Biology Test, but on the good side — I’m not failing the class. :)

That’s a wrap! Our next meeting will be next week, either Wednesday, October 18th or Thursday, October 19th — we’re still working on the final date! Hope you all had a great 4 Day Weekend and had a blast going to the fair — if you did. I went to the fair this last Monday with my friends since I’ve never been before — so enjoy a photo or two with me and Big Tex!

First time seeing Big Tex!

Thank you all for coming to our meeting and we look forward to seeing everyone at our next meeting. Just a reminder if you’re interested in joining the club: We meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month after school and soon will be doing events/activities during the 2nd and 4th week of the month! You can also join our remind by texting 81010 @remhappy“.

Eric Aaberg
Remain Happy President

Originally published at Remain Happy.