(Re)starting our personal project

Working on personal projects is hard, even more when we already have a full-time job. I worked on countless of unfinished personal projects. Today we’re (re)starting a new one, me and my friend Jérôme.

A bit of history

Back in December 2013, I had the idea of creating an iOS app that would help me remember the last time I did something. Jérôme and I were already working together in the same company in Brussels. He’s a designer, I’m an iOS developer, so we decided to team up to create this app, forming the Papercones collective.

Jérôme came up with a colorful design that was doing the job very well.

The original design made in 2013 (refreshed in 2015)

We finished the app in a few months and we were almost ready to ship it. Then the iPhone 6 came out with a new screen resolution. Unfortunately we never took the time to adapt the app for it. At that time I had also just moved to another job, which is always is big disruption. Time passing, we stopped working on it.

5 years later, it’s finally time to work on it again. And finish it this time.

What’s the plan?

My idea to be sure we have no choice but to finish the app, is to share everything we do and think during the creation process (the technical / design choices we make, how we work, our motivation to work on a personal project after work, the business model, etc.).

I really think it’s interesting for people who want to know how an app is designed. It’s also going to force us to go all the way.

  1. We will refresh the UI. Jérôme made the design in December 2013, it was 5 years ago. Things have changed a lot since then.
  2. We will re-develop the app from scratch, in Swift. The code was originally written in Objective-C and I was still a junior developer then. Swift is out now and the code I write today is completely different. I even write unit tests (gasp!).
  3. The code will be Open Source, the public Github repository is already available. We will push commits throughout the development of the app.
  4. We will share daily what happens during the creation of the app on Twitter, and big milestones on Medium.

It’ll be fun! Join us on this journey!

Remember is an iOS app developed by Nicolas Bichon and Jérôme Dieu. We share everything that happens during the creation of the app on Twitter. Follow us on this journey!