Winding down..

A book in the library showing pictures of the Roxy on the outside and inside.

With only four weeks left in the semester, we are putting the final pieces together. This past week has involved us reviewing our interviews and attempting to get more.

Sarah Pounds, Jackson Dillard, and Jenna Eason have spent the last week transcribing the audio to the interviews we’ve had.

Ireal James posted fliers around the senior center across Tatnall Square Park in an attempt to see if there are more people who visited the Roxy.

Avery Braxton and I returned the pictures to Sue Kaplan, but unfortunately were not able to interview her. She was a very young girl when her dad sold the Roxy, so she cannot remember much. Avery and I also looked up the movie “Road to Rio” shown on the marquee on the picture below. We found out that “Road to Rio” was released in 1947, but when exactly it was shown at the Roxy is not clear. Leroy Jackson Sr. did mention in his interview that the Roxy showed movies later than when they came out.

Photo Courtesy of Sue Kaplan (daughter of the previous owner of the Roxy)

Jenna Eason has talked with Hamp Swain and is still hoping we will get sn interview with him about his former show, “Teen Dance Party.” We’ve been told by various sources that Swain would know the most about the Roxy, so Jenna will keep trying.

Parker Van Riper spoke with Dr. Katie White, but she didn’t have any information about the Roxy.

The goal for next week is to continue to wrap up our loose ends, see if we can get more interviews, and transcribe the rest of our interviews. Make sure to check out next week’s update!

Have ideas for who we should contact? Have some information yourself? We’d love to know more! Leave a comment and we will be sure to get back to you. You can also email us at or #RememberRoxy

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