First Meet-Up in Year 2019

Hello REMIIT Supporters!

REMIIT has finished the Initial Exchange Offering last November in 2018 through Coinis and we are going to have our first meet-up in 2019.
REMIIT team has been operating Bluepannet an overseas money transfer business since 2015 which grew extremely fast within just two years. REMIIT team have been introducing various mechanisms such as a Stable Coin, Staking/Market Making Incentives within the remittance process, and are going to introduce additional concepts in the upcoming meet-up.

This year, we took our first step by partnering with BRP Partners. BRP Partners is currently working as an accelerator for various projects around the globe. They advised Coinzest’s business model and introduced NEXYBIT in October, a revenue sharing spot/futures cryptocurrency exchange. Additionally, these two exchange have experienced being top 5 in the South Korean market and top 10 global exchanges, producing a new trend of ‘cross-listing’ in the exchange coin market. Recently, BRP Partners has also presented a new exchange platform “GDAC,” creating another trend in the cryptocurrency exchange market. Moreover, BRP Partners developed and supported other various projects such as Alphacon and Chilliz

This meet-up, especially, is a private meet-up with distinguished guests. We will be very grateful if you can join the meet-up to share REMIIT’s vision, new ideas, and roadmap for 2019.

This meet-up will be run in conjunction with REMIIT and Oasis City projects which are projects BRP Partners’ is keeping an eye on.