REMIIT Exhibition — Most Popular at Blockfesta Seoul

REMIIT joined Blockfesta’s exhibition booth in Seoul on the 22nd & 23rd of August with more than 50 other blockchain/ICO projects that joined from different parts of the globe and amongst these projects, REMIIT was one of the most popular exhibitions that grabbed many participants and also projects’ attention.

The number of people that visited REMIIT’s exhibition was almost the double the amount that was expected by the team. The merchandise and project materials prepared for both days of the event was run out by 2PM of day 1 and proved to have the greatest interest by the Blockfesta participants.

REMIIT Exhibition at Blockfesta

As South Korea is a country where many people have the understandings and experiences in overseas remittances and payments, many people that visited the exhibition directly realized the need of REMIIT. REMIIT not only allows the efficiency in cost and speed but also the global scalability of domestic Money Transfer and Payment Service Providers around the world.

REMIIT Team Speaking at Blockfesta

The REMIIT team spoke about the background of the remittance and payment market as well as introducing its unique token economy for the first time to the public. As the REMIIT team emphasized that the success of such a business will only work when the value of the token used for transfer is stable. The token economics built by REMIIT will ensure not only the stability of the token value for operations but also liquidity control for the businesses involved in the platform.

REMIIT aims to actively engage with the community and build a platform with the support of many stakeholders of the project. Please stay tuned for what REMIIT has to offer next.

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