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Author: Jesse Epperson


In some areas with small populations and high community trust, it is common for people to leave their homes or cars unlocked. …

Author: Karim Meghji, CTO

The Challenge: Moving Fast without Breaking Things

As Remitly’s CTO, I have a responsibility to ensure our software engineering teams can deliver value to our customers and get their work done at optimal velocity. As a FinTech company, that’s not always easy. At Remitly, we treat…

Author: Łukasz Marszał, Infrastructure Engineer

We all monitor CPU usage of our applications. When we see low cpu usage, we are tempted to to decrease resources or put more workloads on the machine — but is that the right approach? In this article I’ll attempt to answer this question.

What is cpu usage?


As product managers, we’re always advocating for the best possible customer experience where our user gets their task done efficiently and effectively. What this usually means is eliminating friction. The dictionary definition for friction is: “the force that resists relative motion between two bodies in contact.” …

Before Unified Event Logging (UEL), we had multiple methods for recording events in our products, The data was stored in just as many locations. Most commonly, we used our production RDBMS for event logging. Naturally, the production database incurred a performance hit for recording all this event data.

For most…

Scalable, repeatable processes are key in facilitating a team’s culture, best practices and boosting productivity. Mission statements, goals and objectives are a pre-requisite for this but from there on the path to success at times is unclear and approached ad-hoc.

Here come in templates — specifically I am talking about…

Often times during interviews and social conversations I get asked by people what a day in the life of a Product Manager looks like. The first time someone asked me that I was actually taken aback on how difficult it was to answer that question. Any given Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…

“Why do you all call your customers ‘users’?”

“I don’t know. We’ve always called them that.”

A simple change to improve a team’s attitude towards your customers and users is to just always refer to people as customers.

Typically, only companies that sell products and services for money call their…


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