Implementation of the week: Ice3x from South Africa

We are glad to announce the integration with the south african exchange Ice3x.

Ice3x is now integrated with Mondome

Ice3x was founded by Gareth Grobler, an expert on the cryptocurrency industry, and has the mission to take cryptocurrencies to africans countries. Is currently available in South Africa and will be soon available in Nigeria.

With this new integration, we add South Africa as the first african country in our listing. We are also planning to add more african countries in the future.

Due to the higher price of bitcoin in South Africa, Ice3x is almost always listed in our Bargains site, so its a great opportunity for those who wants to earn money by sending remittances.

Example for sending money from France to South Africa. As you can see, the cost is negative, due to the high price of the bitcoins in South Africa.

Remember that you can write to for any questions or contact us via twitter at @mondomecom or Facebook.

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