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Release v0.20.0 & 0.20.1 Notes

The Big News

Remix has a new editor: Monaco — its the same editor used in VSCode!


We have now moved Remix’s code editor to Monaco! The Monaco Editor looks just like the one in VSCode because… it is the same one used in VSCode. The Monaco is a much more mature, full-featured editor that you probably already know.

For example:

  • The right side column of tiny text allows you to quickly get to a section of your code.
  • Multiple cursors allow for writing the same thing on multiple lines.
  • A spaciously delicious (or deliciously spacious) gutter allows for delicious spaciousness.

Tabs in the Editor

Previously in Remix, when you had a lot of tabs that filled up to the top of the editor panel, the overflow was listed on the right side. Now, to get to the hidden tabs, just put your mouse over the visible tabs and scroll.

The tabs will scroll horizontally.

Remix Offline

We have updated the instructions in the readme for running Remix offline Please check the README file in the remix-project repo. But, if it’s just that you don’t want to use Remix in a browser, you can instead use Remix Desktop, our electron app—or our Ethereum Remix VSCode extension or read our article about it.


In the next major step of moving Remix to React, we have rewritten Workspaces.

In the next release, the Vertical Icons panel will be in React.

Matomo Updates

Starting in March of 2021, we implemented Matomo, an open source analytics platform. Not only is it a helpful tool to find out how people are using Remix, but we can also use it to uncover problems in our UI and to track down bugs. By the way, we do not collect any personally identifiable information (PII) on our instance of Matomo. For more about how we use Matomo, please see this post. And, for our first report on what we’ve been finding within the statistics we track, please see this post.

To cite one example here: people are using L2s more and more so we have just started to track the number of deployments to specific custom networks. Discovering which networks are being used will help us improve Remix. And, speaking of L2s, a Starkware plugin will be arriving soon.

Thank You Esteemed Users

Please report any problems you find in Remix. Also please send us your suggestions about any changes you’d like to see in Remix, or any functionality you think would be useful to add.

We strive to make the IDE more convenient and easy to use. You can reach us on Twitter, Gitter, and via email ( and Discord.



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