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Remix IDE v0.17.0 is Released

The Big News

  • New version of Remixd 0.5.1— please update
    `npm install -g @remix-project/remixd` and then make sure the new one is installed — by running remixd --version If the old version is still there — uninstall and reinstall.
  • New version: Remix Desktop v1.3.2 update it here!!
  • Hardhat console logs can now be seen in the Remix terminal!
    Hardhat in Remix???”, you ask….find out more below!
  • A Local node can be used for debugging while connected to web3 provider.


We’ve updated the text color in the dark theme:

Thanks @rorye for your contribution!!

File Explorer

Right click and see the shortcuts!

We’ve updated the Remix API enabling plugin specific items to the File Explorers’ popup context menu.

Right click and see the shortcuts!


The default Solidity version is now v0.8.7 and the default version of the default version of the EVM is London.

Hardhat & Slither integration

We are making Remix work with Hardhat projects. See the Remix docs about Hardhat and about running Slither Analysis in Remix!

The latest news is that now popular Hardhat console logs can be seen in the Remix Terminal and when running Solidity unit tests! Check the Remix docs about Hardhat console logs!

To try it out, you need to put an import statement and use console.log to print the value as shown in image.

And you’ll get the log in the Remix terminal.

Hardhat compilation is not currently working with Remix Desktop — but we will be releasing a fix for this very soon.


You when you are using Web3 Provider on a remote node, you can now force the use of a local node when debugging.

Remix uses dedicated nodes for Debugging. If these remote nodes go down, then the only way to debug is to use this new option for using a local node.

Global Variables Panel

Also new in the debugger is a panel for global variables!

Easily grok your block & transaction properties!

Plugin manager

Its now re-written in React! This is a big step in our refactoring of Remix to React.


  • New version of Remixd 0.5.1 — please update
    `npm install -g @remix-project/remixd` and then make sure the new one is installed — by running remixd --version If the old version is still there — uninstall and reinstall.

Remixd now checks to make sure that the folder that you are sharing does indeed exist. And if not, an error is thrown.

So you can see in the above screenshot that I am running the latest version of Remixd (0.5.1) and that I don’t have a folder named /nadaNothingForgetaboutit — so I got an error.

Code Samples

To try out a code sample go to and try out the wizard to customize and token contract. Then select the “open in Remix option and you’ll be sent to Remix with the code sample loaded in a workspace called code-sample. The file is sent encoded in the URL.

With this release, when the some code is sent via a URL parameter, the Solidity compiler is auto loaded. If you want auto-compile enabled this can be turned on via a URL parameter.

Thank You Esteemed Users

Please report any problems you see in Remix. Also send us your suggestions about any changes you’d like to see in Remix or any functionality you’d like to be added.

We strive to make the IDE more convenient and easy to use. You can reach us on Twitter, Gitter, and via email ( We also have a new public discord channel. TIA!




In browser editor for developing, debugging and deploying Solidity contracts

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