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Remix IDE v0.18.0 is Released

As we enter the autumnal season — with its exciting “back to school energy”, the Remix team serves up a release to fasten you into this period of work.

New version of Remixd — Remixd Users: please update!!

The Big News

Major updates to our dGIT plugin to allow for:

  • Github Integration!
  • Even more git tricks!

But before we get to the brand new stuff, we should give you a reminder of the recent, though not latest developments.

Which include… A Remix extension for VSCode, Hardhat Integration, Slither Integration

And now to the release…

GitHub integration

Remix now tracks your files as a git repository! You can deal with GitHub repositories, clone, push & pull. All the good stuff. You can also store your repositories in IPFS and collaborate. All very exciting! This is done by using a plugin called dGit. Read more about it here now!

Help for developing PLUGINS that INTERACT with other PLUGINS

For you plugin devs! There is now an additional field in the local plugin form to list what plugins you’d like your plugin to activate.

So make a plugin that activates the Optimism compiler, the Flattener, the Gas Profiler, Remixd, Tenderly and Learneth or whatever you like!

Solidity Compiler

The Solidity compiler is now an iFrame plugin. With this move we can make the Solidity compiler in Remix’s VSCode extension more like the compiler in Remix IDE.

Thank You Esteemed Users

Please report any problems you see in Remix. Also send us your suggestions about any changes you’d like to see in Remix or any functionality you’d like to be added.

We strive to make the IDE more convenient and easy to use. You can reach us on Twitter, Gitter, and via email (

Or use our public discord channel!

Click here to join up!





In browser editor for developing, debugging and deploying Solidity contracts

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