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Remix IDE v0.26.0 Release

As the Northern Hemisphere’s summer wanes, Remix releases v0.26.0. It’s our drop of late summer that should fall into your lap (or laptop) like a ripe peach.

Note: It is advised, while reading this article, to cue up The Wedge by Dick Dale (King of the Surf Guitar) to help you find the summer groove. And for serious Remixers, don't forget to don your Foster Grants.

The Big News

  • Major updates come to the Editor
  • Drag and Drop in File Explorer
  • Update to Deploy & Run’s compiled contracts list
  • Vyper Plugin updates

The Full Featured Editor Features

The Editor as (we hope) you’ve always wanted it

This article will cover the highlights of these new features. For more details, check this article, focused solely on updates to the Editor.

These new Editor features are relevant for Solidity files:

As your fingers surf across the computer’s keyboard, how often have you mistyped? Autocomplete should minimize your typos. This feature should also help beginners — by suggesting code as well as people who have trouble spelling in English (which as a native English speaker, includes me).

Gas Estimates
Gas estimates are now displayed on the same line where a function is declared.

Go to Definition and References
Use the shortcut or right-click to get the context menu to go to definitions or references.

Highlighted References
References are now highlighted in the Editor.

When you hover over a term with a definition, the definition will pop up. Hovering over code that has triggered an error (underlined with a red squiggly line) will show the error message.

Files with Errors turn Red

When a file has an error in it, its name will turn red, both in the File Explorer and on its tab at the top of the Editor.

Control These Features in the Settings Panel

Drag and Drop in File Explorer

Feeling the need to do some end-of-summer cleaning? Now you can organize your Workspaces by dragging files or folders into different folders!

Thanks so much to iamsethsamuel for this addition!

Vyper Plugin Updates

We’ve corralled the Vyper Plugin into our codebase, and added a button to clone the vyper-lang repo into Remix. So you can now play with loads of example files. Just click the button and then go to the File Explorer to see the cloned repo.

Remember when using Vyper, only use the Remote Compiler for testing. You should use a local compiler for production builds.

Also note that only Vyper versions > 0.2.16 are supported.

Deploy & Run Updates


Have you ever needed to know the balance of a contract? As Dick Dale would have said (if he had taken up Ethereum development) “Oh yah!”
The balance of a deployed contract now is shown in the contracts’ instance.

Contract Pulldown

Have you ever compiled a contract and then deployed the wrong one by accident because you didn’t check the Contract Pulldown box?

Now this pulldown box will select a contract by default from the compiled file. So, in most cases this should be selecting the file you want.

Debugger Width

Check the Debugger now — it’s wider! And wider means you can now see multiple panels at once.

Remix URL Parameters

For quite a while you’ve been able to use URL parameters with Remix so that you can call a plugin and pass commands to that plugin. See docs for more.

Now you can call multiple plugins and pass each of them commands.

Like this:,solidity,LearnEth&calls=LearnEth//startTutorial//ethereum/remix-workshops//master//proxycontract///fileManager//open//contracts/3_Ballot.sol

This command will activate a list of plugins and, with the calls param, will then call the LearnEth plugin, pass it some commands, and then will call another plugin and pass that one commands, using the /// separator.

Thanks much to JeremyTheintz for contributing this PR!


We’ve also released a cool new theme—“HackerOwl”—thanks to koolamusic. To check this theme out, go to the Settings panel and you’ll now see it in the Themes section.

Fixing, Fixing

With every problem comes a gift in hand. -Dick Dale

Some of this release is about fixing issues, such as…

  • The base fee for Mainnet transactions now shows the accurate amount.
  • listen on all transactions is now working also.
  • Double scroll bars that would occasionally appear are now excised.
  • The scopes have been added to the GitHub Token Maker, thanks to our contributor NeilShah2026
  • The resolver for remix-tests CLI, which shows Hardhat console logs while using CLI usage of remix-tests, has been addressed.

Click here to see the release’s complete change log.

Thank You, Fabulous Users

(whether you’ve been to the beach or not)

Please report any problems you find in Remix. Also, please send us your suggestions about any changes you’d like to see in Remix, or any functionality you think would be useful to add.

For future releases, we are looking for more Beta Testers. If you are interested in helping this effort please fill out this questionnaire.

We strive to make the Remix IDE more convenient and easy to use. You can reach us on Twitter, Gitter, or via email ( or Discord.



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