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Remix IDE v0.6.4 Released

This release is deployed to, available on npm and as a desktop application. for more infos:

1. UX improvement: run tab

Transactions Recorder

To see this recording tool — click the down arrow (A).

When open, you can see how many transactions have been recorded (B).

Not surprisingly, knowing how many transactions got recorded is helpful for recording transactions. But why would you want to save transactions, you ask? The explanation is in the panel ( C ).

To save the transactions in a JSON file, click the floppy disc icon (D) and then make some transactions in the Javascript VM. Then switch environments and hit the play button (E).

Trash all Deployed Contracts

In this example, there are 3 deployed contracts — I’ve hit the deploy button of the ballot contract 3 times. But now I want to trash them all — as one occasionally needs to do. So click the trash can icon (F).

2. UX improvement: terminal

When a transaction has successfully gone through — the green check appears to the left of the transaction in the terminal. Click it — or anywhere on that line and you can see the details.

3. UX improvement: static analysis warning’s appearance

Now on the compile tab Static Analysis warnings are in purple — with a link to the Analysis tab for the full list of Static Analysis Warnings.

The Compiler warnings are still in yellowy-orange.

I want to give a special shoutout to @dominique934 who made this PR (ethereum/remix-ide#1304).

4. UX improvement: multi parameter component

If the constructor function of a contract has parameters, then there will be a down arrow next to the input box (G).

If a method in the contract has parameters, then there will be a down arrow next to the input box (H).

In the expanded view, you can view the parameters individually and can input the info in the required data type. After viewing and inputting in the expanded view, you can collapse it and the parameters that you have input will appear in a list.

5. Multi parameter component: encoded data & copy it to the clipboard

To see this feature, you need to be in the expanded view of a function ( click the down arrow).

The new feature here is the icon to the left of the transact button (I). This is used to encode and copy to the clip board the values you input in the fields for the method’s parameters. Once copied you can use this encoded info in another application that requires encoded parameters.

A side note — if you want to test to see if the parameters you have input are formatted correctly — and you want to do this before you hit the transact button — click the copy/encode icon and if your inputs are incorrectly formatted, you will get a warning.

Here are the rest of the rest release features and fixes

6. Test tab: code merged but the functionality is hidden

7. Code refactoring of right hand panel + associated tabs

8. remixd & node_modules: remixd is used for working with local files. By telling remixd which folder you are in on your local computer — you can load a file on your local filesystem into remix. The new addition is that now, when working with a package manager (either npm and ethpm), you can ( like in Truffle) directly specify the module name in the import:
imports "zeppelin-solidity/contracts/math/SafeMath.sol"
instead of having to write the fullpath:
imports "localhost/node_modules/zeppelin-solidity/contracts/math/SafeMath.sol

Furthermore — imports “zeppelin-solidity/contracts/math/SafeMath.sol” will first be resolved to:

and if it is not found there it will falllback to:

9. Code editor: ctrl+s and command+s save the current file and start compiling (convenient when the autocompile is turned off)

10. various bug fixes




In browser editor for developing, debugging and deploying Solidity contracts

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