Remix-IDE v0.9.3 Release

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2 min readFeb 3, 2020


Remix v0.9.3

Remix IDE is released & deployed to It is also available as an NPM module here.

With this release, we mainly worked on following features:

  • Now there are more than one initial Solidity example contracts with increasing complexity level (prefixed with complexity level) which will help early developers with their learning curve
  • Solidity v0.6.* breaking changes compatibility ensured
  • Most demanded feature i.e. Low level interactions with a deployed smart contract is implemented enabling fallback/receive support (Read more in the dedicated article)
  • Now compiler configuration settings (in ‘Solidity Compiler’ plugin) can be used to configure the compiler while running unit tests (in ‘Solidity Unit Testing’ plugin)
Compiler Configuration
  • A contract whose deployment fails with Out-of-Gas error while testing, will be re-deployed with double gas automatically
  • Data rendering in Debugger plugin is improved

You can see the complete changelog here.