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Remix-IDE Version 0.10.3 Release

Remix IDE version 0.10.3 is released & deployed to
It is also available as an NPM module here.

And there are also new versions of:

What’s New:

Bug Fixes

Source maps are fixed in Remix Libs — so now in Remix-IDE, the source highlighting in the Editor is more accurate.

Debugger Updates

We’ve rearranged a few of the panels in the Debugger — moving Solidity Locals, and Solidity State to the top along with the brand new Function Stack panel (that shows the current function calls).


We have new Docker containers for remix-alpha (“latest” A.K.A. https://

docker pull remixproject/remix-ide:latest
docker run -p 8080:80 remixproject/remix-ide:latest

And for remix-live (A.K.A.

docker pull remixproject/remix-ide:remix_live
docker run -p 8080:80 remixproject/remix-ide:remix_live

For more info — Remix-IDE’s README #Docker

Editor Updates

  • There is now syntax highlighting for YUL contracts.
  • There is a new dark theme for the editor with a lovely palate of colors for syntax highlighting.
  • Plugins can now highlight multiple lines in the editor.

Embedded Remix / Linked Remix

We’ve improved the way Remix can be embedded in other sites and the way other sites can link to Remix.

  • By adding URL parameters, you can choose which panels should be visible.
  • When you can link to Remix, you can use URL parameters to specific which plugins load as well as if the theme should be dark or light.
  • And you can choose which plugin should get the “focus” and appear in the side panel (last URL parameter gets it).,udapp,debugger&minimizeterminal=true&theme=Dark

In the URL above, the debugger gets the focus.

Plugin APIs

  • The FileManager API is now complaint with the NodeJS API.
  • The Solidity compiler plugin’s API is improved. To find out more about the, go here.

RemixD Updates

  • RemixD plugin is now a Websocket Plugin.
  • ATTENTION a new version of RemixD was released. Please update it locally ( npm install -g remixd).

(What is RemixD? — see below)

Remix Libs

  • We have made improvements to the source maps. Consequently, the source highlighting in the IDE’s Editor is more accurate.
  • Static analyzer warnings are improved.
  • We’ve added more tests to our code base.

Solidity Unit Testing Updates

We’ve refactored Unit Testing plugin.
Now you can choose the folder where this plugin will place the test files that it generates. If the folder does not exist, the plugin will now create it.


  • Remix now uses WASM builds of Solidity compilers when they are available. And when a WASM build is in use, you should notice the compilation speed improving.

And in the UI Department…

  • Solidity Compiler plugin is activated now by default — for users who don’t have a plugin list saved in their browser’s local storage.
  • The Light theme was improved.

Summary of Deployment:

Remix IDE


RemixD is a tool which provides a way to access your local file from any remix IDE web app. The D is for Daemon.

  • npm install -g remixd
  • remixd is included in remix-ide NPM package. it automatically shares the current local folder (or the given folder if any)
  • For more info, see the docs.

Thank You, Dear Users

Please report any problems you see in Remix IDE and also share your suggestions. We strive to make the IDE more convenient and easy to use. You can reach us on Twitter, Gitter, and via email ( TIA!




In browser editor for developing, debugging and deploying Solidity contracts

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