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4 min readJan 11, 2024


The Big News

  • A Revamped Vyper compiler that compiles the latest version and more!
  • Circom v2.1.6 support
  • Uniswap v4 templates

Vyper Vyper and Vyper -> a new Vyper Compiler for Remix!

Remix has teamed up with ApeWorX for a new Vyper compiler. This means you can compile Vyper contracts in Remix and use not only the latest version but nearly all Vyper versions!

Compiling is either done remotely or locally. And to compile a file you need to have a Vyper file as the active file in the File Explorer, which you can get by clicking the Clone Vyper examples repository button.

Remote Compiler

The remote compilation is done using our remote containerized service that supports the official Vyper plugin for the Ape framework that ApeWorX maintains.

Local Compiler

The local compilation can be done by connecting Remix Online IDE to your file system with Remixd and then running a docker container that runs the Ape framework. Click here for more info about this setup.

In the near future, (spoiler alert!!!) a major update is coming to Remix Desktop, you’ll be able to run everything locally — both Remix, and the new Vyper compilers (still in Docker, of course).

Specifying Vyper & EVM Versions

To specify the version of Vyper or the EVM version, add a comment at the top of your .vy code like in the example below:

Herpetologically* Curious? Learn Vyper!

(*the study of snakes, not herpes)
Don’t know about Vyper?
Check out some Vyper files by hitting the clone button. This will load a repo full of Vyper files, so slither over to the File Explorer to check them out. Take note: this repo could take up to a minute to load, so take a deep breath or two, they’ll load.

To learn more about Vyper, read through the Vyperlang Readthedocs, check Snekmate, and join the Vyper discord server!

A URL to Load Remix with the Vyper Compiler Activated

Want to send someone to Remix with the Vyper plugin loaded and active? Use this url:

Viewing Compiler Errors

When there are compiler errors in the Vyper plugin, the icon will have a warning icon. Mouseover the icon to get the error with its line number.

Scared of Uniswap V4??

If you want to start playing with Uniswap v4, come check out our new Uniswap v4 templates. Check them out, and if you get confused, ask ChatGPT for help.

Tip: you can ask ChatGPT in the Remix console by starting with “gpt”. For example:

gpt when would you use a uniswap multisigswap contract?

Loading Uniswap Templates

Go to the hamburger menu to create a new Workspace.

In the Create Workspace modal’s template select box, choose one under the Uniswap V4 section.

To load these templates, Remix clones them from their repos, so it can take 10–60 seconds for them to load, depending on your connection speed.

These Uniswap v4 files are coming from As such, the Remix COOKBOOK.DEV plugin is activated, and it will write the template files into the File Explorer. But because these files are coming from outside Remix, you will need to agree to the plugin writing files into the File Explorer.

Its a bit easier to check the Remember this choice checkbox.

HookBook MultiSigSwapHook

The MultiSigSwapHook contract can be used when you want to ensure a swap operation on Uniswap (or a similar platform) has been approved by multiple parties before it can be executed.

Breakthrough Labs Uniswap V4 hooks

for more info about these files see:

Uniswap V4 Periphery

Uniswap v4 is a new automated market maker protocol that provides extensibility and customizability to pools. v4-periphery hosts the logic that builds on top of the core pool logic like hook contracts, position managers, and even possibly libraries needed for integrations. The v4-periphery contracts in this repository are still in development, and further periphery contracts have not yet been built.


Circom v2.1.6

In Remix you can now run the latest Circom compiler. So take your ellyptic curves through Circom’s latest.

Thank You Remix Users — with or without Herpetological knowledge

Please report any problems you find in Remix. And, as always, please send us any suggestions about changes you’d like to see in Remix, or any functionality you think would be useful to add.

We no longer follow the discussions on Gitter, so we encourage you to move over to our Discord server for community support. Or, send us an email at!