Remix Release v0.47.0

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4 min readApr 11, 2024


The Big News

  1. New AI tools using Remix’s Solidity Copilot
  2. Pin your contracts deployed in the VM
  3. DAppDraft: a plugin for generating a front-end

New AI Tool: Remix’s Solidity Copilot

Solidity Copilot is built on top of our Large Language Model (LLM) called SolCoder. Solidity Copilot helps by offering coding suggestions.

The switch to turn on Solidity Copilot

There are three new icons at the top of the Editor. When clicked:

  • The switch icon activates Solidity Copilot.
  • The robot icon explains a contract.
  • The book icon links to Remix’s AI product documentation.

As you probably know, we have already integrated ChatGPT into Remix.

Code Completion with Solidity Copilot

With the Solidity Copilot switch on, just start typing. When you put a space after a word, the Copilot will make a suggestion.

NOTE: the suggestion will take into account everything that preceded it in this contract.

Hit tab to accept the suggestion.

More AI Options in Editor’s Right-click Menu

Both ChatGPT and Solidity Copilot are integrated into the Editor’s Right-click popup menu.

In this release, we added Explain this code, which uses Solidity Copilot and not ChatGPT.

In all cases, the answer will be printed out in Remix’s Terminal.

Editor: Ask Solidity Copilot with ///

In the Editor, when the Solidity Copilot is on, you can ask it a coding question with the /// prompt. For example:

/// write a function that returns an array with 3 elements from the function's parameters

Pinned contracts come to the Remix VM

We have extended pinning to include contracts deployed to any flavor of the RemixVM. This also means that the state of the VM will be saved!

When you click the pin icon, the contract will appear in the pinned section and will be there after you refresh.

NOTE: The list of pinned contracts are specific to which chain is currently selected. For example, pinned contracts in the Remix VM (Cancun) will not show up if the Injected Provider is selected.

Using the saved Remix VM blockchain in collaborations

The state of the VM is saved in a file in the File Explorer, and it will be saved in your remote repository when you push the workspace there. And that means your co-workers can auto-load the state of your Remix VM when they pull from that repo.

DappDraft: a Plugin for Generating a Front-end

DappDraft is a huge step forward for creating the first iteration — the first draft of a DApp’s front-end.

This plugin takes all the functions of a contract, allows you to show the ones you want, and then publishes the DApp on a platform called Surge at a subdomain of your choice.

Here’s how it works:

  • Deploy a contract to a public chain
  • Open up the deployed instance by clicking on the caret, and then click on the edit icon.

Now DAppDraft will appear in the main panel:

Only show functions that are useful for your presentation

If you mouse over a function, an X will appear, so you can hide the function. You can also reorder the listed functions by dragging the icon to the right of the function (circled in red in the image above).

Each function also has an input box so you can provide instructions for the user.

Publishing the DApp with Surge

At this point you’ll need to sign up, or sign in to Surge. Both signing in and signing up use the same interface.

Also you’ll need to come up with a unique subdomain.

After you hit the submit button the DApp’s front end will be published on Surge and you’ll see something like this:

In upcoming releases, we will be making some updates to this tool. Please send us comments about any adjustments you’d like to have.

A big thank you & shoutout to @drafish for making this plugin!

Thank You, Dear Remix Users

Please report any problems you find in Remix. And, as always, please send us any suggestions about changes you’d like to see in Remix, or any functionality you think would be useful to add.

Join our Discord server for community support. Or, send us an email at!