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Remix Report 2021 Q2

Remix Interoperates

In the 2nd quarter of 2021, we took some major steps forward in developing Remix to work inside of VSCode, to work with Hardhat and to work with version control. We also advanced our efforts to transition Remix to React and we gave a number of introductory workshops.

Remix VSCode Extension

In February of 2021, it was reported that there were14 million VSCode users. With the Ethereum Remix extension (accessible in the VSCode marketplace), Remix is joining the 14 million devs inside the tool of their choice.

Link to Remix VSCode extension

Or just install it from inside VSCode’s marketplace.

What can the extension do?

Most of the Remix plugins are accessible in the extension. The most commonly used Remix tools are in the top of the extension and the rest of the plugins available are in the bottom.

So you can set a compiler version, compile and deploy and debug.

You can also use plugins that use the compilation result — like the Solhint Linter plugin. You can also use the Deploy & Run to deploy to local chains like Ganache or Hardhat.

By using the WalletConnect plugin, you can deploy to public chains and you can approve the transactions on your WalletConnect enabled wallet on your mobile device.

And by using Remixd plugin, you can now deploy from VSCode to public chains with Metamask!

Remix & Hardhat

Hardhat users, you can work on a Hardhat project in Remix!

So you can compile files in Remix and have them accessible in Hardhat or the other way around.

Working on a Hardhat project but want to deploy with Metamask?

You can take your Hardhat project’s solidity files and deploy their compilation result.

Working on a Hardhat project but want to use Remix’s Debugger?

Connect your Hardhat project with Remix, using Remixd. For more info see:

Then go to the Remix Debugger and input the transaction hash and the Debugger will be yours!

See our article about Remix & Hardhat

See the Remix docs about Hardhat integration

Remix & Version Control / Decentralized GIT

One of the big weaknesses of a browser based IDE is that it is in the browser. So saving files to your hard drive is not straight forward. In the case of Remix — you need to use Remixd — which makes a bridge from the browser to a folder that you specify on your hard drive. Once you are not saving files in your browser’s local storage, version control is straight forward.

But for those not connecting with Remixd, we needed to create a system for version control and for saving files outside of the browser’s local storage.

Introducing DGIT! (Decentralized GIT)

In this quarter we introduced the DGIT plugin — that’s decentralized GIT — where you can create a repo of the files in a Remix workspace and then export the repo to a pinned repo on IPFS.

For more info see the HELP tab in the DGIT plugin.

More Remix News

Remix & React

In Q2 of 2021, we continued our move of Remix to React. This move will help to make the Remix UI shine.


We created our own bridge to the WalletConnect server — which means our WalletConnect connection won’t get slowed down / interrupted by the masses of folks on “main” bridge.

Custom Providers & Remix

We have added the functionality so that plugins can have their custom providers. This allowed the Hardhat integration and will allow further other integrations.

Remix Outreach

We have given intensive workshops lasting 4–6 hour in Q2 of 2020.

Ethereum4 Music at Milan Digital Week March 17–18 (well a bit before Q2)
Ethereum4 Music Professionals with Music Tech Germany May 21–22
Ethereum4NGOs (with reps from Amensty International among organizations) June 3–5

And we have a shorter workshop - Intro to Smart Contracts to a student group from Istanbul June 15.

Remix Outreach — Looking ahead for Q3 & Q4

In the workshops department, we gave another workshop to Music Tech Germany and 2 workshops at EthCC — one about Remix’s new interoperability features and another where we had a lawyer introduce legal compliance issues for blockchain projects. We will be giving an intro to Ethereum workshop to Lawyers, then one for Medical professionals, and more followups with NGOs and Musicians.

Thank You Esteemed Users!

Please report any problems you see in Remix and also please share your suggestions.

We strive to make the IDE more convenient and easy to use. You can reach us on Twitter, Gitter, and via email ( TIA!



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