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Remix Analytics Report № 1

In March 2021, as part of our commitment to Remix’s continuous improvement, we implemented Matomo, an open source analytics platform, to get a better sense of our user behavior. We have also left our Matomo instance public, so if interested, users can also view Remix stats in realtime.

In the past seven+ months we’ve witnessed a large increase in users coming to Remix. Along with that increase, we’ve found some other interesting statistics and associated issues we can act on to improve our IDE.

Matomo user stats are defined as unique visits, but because we don’t drop cookies on your browser, this number increments if you refresh your browser. So to get a more meaningful number, I’ve taken the average daily unique visitors from Monday–Friday of the first week of April and compared that to the last week of October. This is to say, I took the daily stats, added them up and divided by 5 and then rounded down to the nearest 100. And we have…

An average day at the beginning of April: 10,800

An average day at the end of October: 24,300

And that, my dears, is a 124% increase!

The rest of this article will discuss the frequency with which specific actions were taken in Remix throughout the month of October 2021.


There were 835,696 deployments in October— this includes the VM, Rinkeby, Ropsten, Kovan, Goerli, Morden, Custom, and Mainnet deployments. In a future report we will have more specific information about which custom networks people are deploying to.

835,696 is a lot of deployments… I guess — even if this includes the VM. But what is interesting is that out of this number there have been 7,541 deployments to the Mainnet. So, we know developers are definitely using Remix as a tool for production.

AtAddress with ABI

I was very surprised that there were only 1,437 instances where people clicked the AtAddress button with the ABI.

In a DApp, your users will most likely not be deploying contracts — they’ll be accessing your deployments and interacting with the contract’s functions. So using the AtAddress functionality will mimic your users’ behavior. And, by accessing your deployed contracts, you can also test them to access their “health”. It’s always good to check!

And speaking of trying to act like your users, see below to learn about about our underused WalletConnect plugin, which is great for mimicking how your users will approve transactions.


29,044 debugging sessions were started with Remix’s Debugger in October. To give this some perspective, according to, there are 26,659 pest control companies in the US. Does that mean Debuggers AND pest control professionals will always come in handy?

Sharing your Work with GISTS

In Remix, in the File Explorer, right-clicking on a folder or file will allow you to share it as a GIST.

It’s a simple way to pass some code to someone or to show off your Solidity prowess to your minions.

In October there were 2,304 files, and 483 folders, published to GISTs.

Collaboration and Source Control

We have a plugin called DGIT — short for Decentralized GIT. It has been activated 3,634 times. More of you need to use this plugin.

This is a new, but very useful, plugin. Using DGIT, you can push and pull repos from Github. You can also export or import repos from IPFS. And, if the browser storage fails, your remote repo will still contain your work!

You just need to be careful not to import repos that overflow the browser storage. If you need a very large repo, consider using Remixd to access your computer’s hard drive. See our article here on DGIT!

Layer 2 Plugins

I say plugins, but currently we only have one. However, we will soon have a plugin for Starkware, and we are also seeking other L2 plugins.

Optimism Compiler: activated 17,898 times

Interoperability Plugins


Compile with Hardhat: 2,554

This isn’t such a big number considering what an important plugin this is. With this plugin, Hardhat users can use the Remix tools they like and Remix users can use Hardhat tools as well. Remix even has the Hardhat console.log working! For more info see our post about our Hardhat integration and see our docs about compiling for Hardhat projects and for deploying to a Hardhat chain.

Slither Static Analysis

I’m not sure how many of you know that we have integrated Slither Analysis into Remix. According to our stats, 22,867 of you have activated it, but only 42 of you have used it—not a great conversion rate. Actually this plugin should not have been in the Plugin Manager — as it is only automatically loaded in the Solidity Unit Testing plugin. In the next Remix release, we will fix this. To use the plugin, please see the Remix-Slither Docs.

Our VSCode Extension — called EthereumRemix

Although our VSCode Extension is not tracked by Matomo, it has been installed 5,467 times over the entire timeframe our Matomo instance has been live. If you are a VSCode user, you should try it out!
See our post about the EthereumRemix VSCode extension.

Solidity Button on the Home Tab

This button on the home tab activates the Solidity, Deploy & Run, Static Analysis, and Unit Testing. It was clicked on 43,276 times in October.

Unit Testing and Static Analysis

Unit Testing and Static Analysis Plugins are activated a lot:

Solidity Unit Testing: 131,087
Static Analysis: 125,610


Many of our users do not yet know about Remixd. It is a plugin that connects to a script. You can load it in the Plugin manager or by selecting connect to localhost in the Workspaces select box.

Remixd connects the Remix webapp to your file system. You need to have the Remixd script running in the background, and it will connect the specific instance of Remix to a specified folder on your hard drive. With Remixd, you can clone repos as big as your hard drive. When you clone a repo from github to a local folder, you will see it in Remix. And if the browser crashes, your files won’t be lost, they’ll be on your hard drive.

In October, Remixd was loaded 45,623 times.

Other Plugin Activation Stats for October 2021

Here is a list of some plugins and the number of times they have been activated in October:

Flattener: 18,899

Source Verification, AKA the Sourcify plugin, to verify contracts and to fetch the source code of verified contracts: 12,923

Etherscan, to verify contracts: 10,608

Learneth, Remix’s tutorial tool (soon to get some great new tutorials): 14,943

Solhint, a linter for Solidity: 9,832

Walletconnect, to approve transactions on a mobile wallet (as I stated above this is likely how your users will be interacting with your DApp): 6,242

1clickDApp, which makes a simple front end for your DApp: 5,355

Celo, to deploy to the Celo chain: 4,846

Gas profiler, to get the total gas usage of your contract as well as its line by line usage: 4,132

Old Experience

Remix was launched in 2016. It had roughly the same interface until the Spring of 2018 when we updated the design. But, in case of user preference, we did leave a link on the home tab to launch the “old experience” (the old design). Surprisingly, this link was activated 970 times in October. Maybe because I’m a fan of the “new” or should I say “newer” layout (because it is not so new anymore), this number seems pretty high. Although assuming that someone is coming to Remix every day (maybe this is a large assumption), if we divide that 970 by 31 (for the 31 days of October), we get 31. So there are at least 31 people who seem to prefer the “old experience.”

See for yourself and thanks for using Remix!

You can check out our stats yourself at
We’ll give you another update about Remix usage and associated factoids in mid 2022. Until then, take some new plugins for a spin!


Please report any problems you see in Remix, and please let us know if you find any of our plugins unusable or not working. Send us your suggestions about any changes you’d like to see in Remix or any functionality you’d like to be added.

We strive to make the IDE more convenient and easy to use. You can reach us on Twitter, Gitter, and via email ( We also have a new public discord channel. TIA!



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