2017 RemixRotation Top 500

On September 5, 2017 we launched our ranking of Top 500 tracks of 2017 (so far) in each of the 27 main electronic music genres…

RemixRotation Organizes Music on YouTube

Have you noticed all the electronic music “videos” on YouTube — don’t you wish it were all organized into House vs. Deep House vs. Techno vs. Big Room vs. Trance vs. Glitch Hop vs. Trap vs. Dubstep etc?

RemixRotation is a FREE YouTube player for music organized into 5 mainstream and 31 electronic genres. Genre specific playlists contain full-length videos corresponding to tracks that DJs are buying right now on Beatport, JunoDownload and Traxsource. Music fans stream music that DJs are buying and DJs can use our price comparison with Amazon and iTunes to buy more great tracks.

Best-of-2017 vs. Best NOW vs. Channels

  • Best-of-2017 rankings are updated each week with Top 500 tracks of the year, in each of the 27 electronic music genres.
  • Best NOW charts are updated each day and contain new additions along with all the most downloaded tracks of the previous 31 days, in 31 electronic genres.
  • 31 electronic “channels” are a selection of full-length tracks making the most impact on YouTube (& SoundCloud).
  • 5 mainstream genre channels are also updated each week with about 500 biggest tracks of the past couple of years.

All Tracks From Top 100 DJ Sales Charts

Each week, we analyze and combine ALL Top 100 charts from Beatport, Traxsource, and JunoDownload to identify top 500 tracks that DJs have purchased the most. Then we search SoundCloud and YouTube to identify all matching media to sum total plays and determine the biggest 500 tracks of the year, in each of the 27 genres that we chart. Individual track rankings are computed based on track’s best position in sales charts and total plays. Tracks released and charted in Top 100 since Jan 1, 2017 are eligible for our 2017 Top 500.

Visit From Your Laptop or Desktop

to check the current price on Beatport / Traxsource / JunoDowload / Amazon / iTunes and availability on Spotify (look for the green logo). Visitors using smartphones and hear YouTube videos and get smaller pages for better performance.

In the next screenshot of our page for desktops & laptops, you can see the overall #1 Techno track of 2017 so far: “Arrival” by Matrixxman on Dekmantel (records). It has been charted in Techno Top 100 on 3 sites and has reached the highest positions of:

  • #1 on JunoDownload (April 22)
  • #7 on Traxsource (March 2)
  • and #7 on Beatport (March 1)

As you can see, “Arrival” is available on Spotify. To check its current prices, click the name of the website to go there (Beatport, Traxsource, JunoDowload) and its current price on Amazon (USA) is $0.99:

Filter Pages on our Desktop / Laptop Site:

type your record label or artist name and the page will show reduced selection. See this screenshot for Pig&Dan:

or this selection for Kompakt (records):

Top 500 Rankings Combine 1, 2 or 3 Websites:

Techno Top 500 = Beatport + Traxsource + JunoDownload;

  • or Deep House Top 500 = Beatport + Traxsource + JunoDownload;
  • or Drum & Bass Top 500 = Beatport + JunoDownload;
  • or Funky & Jackin House Top 500 = Beatport + Traxsource;
  • or Big Room Top 500 = Beatport (only) etc.

You can check rankings for each of the 27 electronic genres on our Best of 2017 launch page:


If you wish to revisit the Best of 2016, you can use this page:


Please share our rankings with DJs to help them discover & buy great tracks for their sets.

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