10 reasons why you should contribute to REMME Ecosystem Development

REMME distributed Public Key Infrastructure protocol is conceived as an open source solution that will unite a strong developer community around it. Our main goal is to build an ecosystem of solutions and applications based on the REMME protocol which will make the digital economy better protected from massive hacker attacks.

Aug 28, 2018 · 4 min read

The REMME core protocol is fully open source by design and anybody can run it separately and use without any restrictions. The team is working to make it as adaptive as possible for various decentralized applications (DApps) that need a decentralized PKI to solve the problem of secure and safe authentication.

For this purpose, we are actively working on accessible and understandable product documentation, a simple architecture that is easy to understand, and an ecosystem of sidechains (private permissioned blockchains based on REMME core protocol) that will allow the implementation of the protocol within an organization, and a web platform with different internal policies for managing information and data. REMME plans to organize meetups and hackathons to support teams that are interested in working on the REMME open source protocol.

To be open source means to meet the following parameters, which can also be found here:

  1. No Intentional Secrets: The standard MUST NOT withhold any detail necessary for interoperable implementation. As flaws are inevitable, the standard MUST define a process for fixing flaws identified during implementation and interoperability testing and incorporate said changes into a revised version or superseding version of the standard to be released under terms that do not violate the OSR.
  2. Availability: The standard MUST be freely and publicly available (e.g from a stable website) under royalty-free terms at reasonable and non-discriminatory cost.
  3. Patents: All patents essential to implementation of the standard MUST:
  4. Be licensed under royalty-free terms for unrestricted use, or
  5. Be covered by a promise of non-assertion when practiced by open source software
  6. No Agreements: There MUST NOT be any requirement for execution of a license agreement, NDA, grant, click-through, or any other form of paperwork to deploy conforming implementations of the standard.
  7. No OSR-Incompatible Dependencies: Implementation of the standard MUST NOT require any other technology that fails to meet the criteria of this requirement.

Here are a few reasons why you should join our community and contribute to the development of solutions based on the REMME protocol:

  1. The challenge of solving one of the most important issues of information security — distributed, passwordless and secure authentication for companies, users and IoT devices. Today this problem is being investigated by all large corporations and platforms and we have a simple solution that can solve it.
  2. Our community covers all continents and is truly international. We are working on a protocol that is equally useful in different circles for different types of organizations regardless of regional and national contexts.
  3. Our solution is built within the framework of the Hyperledger Sawtooth framework. Thus, working with us you will be able to earn a reputation as a contributor to the open source product that Intel supports.
  4. We plan to organize meetups where you can interact with other members of the community and conduct networking, exchanging contacts, knowledge, ideas and inspiration for your main work.
  5. If you see the benefit of REMME’s solution for your company or are planning to buy a masternode and maintain REMChain then your contributions will allow you to better understand the technology and adapt it as quickly as possible to your needs, as well as bring its final release closer, which is key for the cost of REM tokens.
  6. We have a cool young team and want to develop our protocol with contributors who are real fans of the project. We are sure that we will be able to jointly create an atmosphere that will empower you to make a significant contribution to effecting positive changes in the world of cybersecurity.
  7. We are working on our own Proof-of-Service consensus and custom blockchain in the field of cybersecurity, which Google, IBM, and Intel are all monitoring with interest. Participation in an open source project in this area will make an excellent point on your resume, which is sure to be noted by your next job or even at your current company.
  8. We’ve set ourselves the task of building a strong and passionate community with your aid. As one of the first contributors, you will become part of the core of this community and your input will be acknowledged. Do you enjoy creating your own projects that you can feel proud of? Let’s do it together and make our community a joint project.
  9. We want not only developers, but also founders of new startups who will find the best applications of REMME to join our community. Thus, participation in our community is useful not only for fun, education, networking, and enhancing your CV, but also a chance to start your own innovative project.
  10. And finally, it’s very simple to do. Becoming part of REMME’s tech community is easy. To do so, register on Discord. There you will learn about our plans for testing, and you can also get extensive tips on technology and comments on the code on GitHub, and perhaps even find like-minded people to join your own developer team.

Remember that becoming a part of the community at the moment of its formation is especially valuable, because you have a chance to influence what it will eventually become. If you can appreciate why REMME is a cool and promising idea, then you will understand why developing a strong and diverse community is so vital. We are waiting for you in Discord, at meetups, video-conferences and as contributors on our GitHub. Join us.

The actual development process can be checked in the dev branch.

Releases are for significant functionality changes only.

REMME’s official links:

Remme Protocol

Deep dive into a blockchain-based Public Key Infrastructure


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Distributed Public Key Infrastructure protocol and PKI-enabled apps to address the challenges of the Web 3.0. ⚡️Powered by blockchain⚡️

Remme Protocol

Deep dive into a blockchain-based Public Key Infrastructure

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