Announcing the REMME Family program

Share your support with us!

Dear REMME community,

It is my pleasure to invite you all to our official membership program. REMME Family is the name of our new Proof-of-Support program, one in which we share the love and combine the power of the crowd to devastating effect. When we put our heads together, beautiful things can happen as you’ll soon discover. But enough of the back-slapping: let’s delve into the details and reveal more about how it all works.

What is REMME Family?

Our membership program is designed to unite and reward community participants who actively take part in project growth and help REMME become even better. We’ll be looking for your help leading up to our token generation event in particular and immediately afterward as we get the project off the ground.

What inspired REMME Family?

“Community” is a word you hear trotted out a lot in the crypto space, but it’s one we firmly believe in. Without your support, curiosity and questions, all our hard work would be for nothing. We believe that developing a vibrant community is one of the keys to REMME’s success. That’s why we’ve put a lot of effort into this endeavor over the last few months, striving to build a strong community of individuals who share our ideas and firmly believe in the project’s success.

We see your support everywhere: from discussion of different project use cases in the Telegram group to participation in our pilot program as early adopters. Some of you were with us from the very beginning, while some only joined recently. I’m pleased to say that I know many you who were here from the outset (around 100 members) by name. Just because our community is attracting more people doesn’t mean it has to become impersonal though — far from it.

Who is REMME Family for?

REMME Family is for anyone with an interest, vested or otherwise, in what we’re creating. From those who were here from the start to the new arrivals who are just getting up to speed, you’re all equally welcome. We particularly want to reward those of you who are contributing really cool content and helping to build our community. That’s why we started thinking about how we might give something back and reward those who have contributed to our growth and development. The result was REMME Family, a program that incentivizes contributions and rewards efforts.

Here’s how it all works:

REMME Family is based on the Proof-of-Support principle which will enable us to recognize those of you who demonstrate high interest to the project, understand our vision and support our long-term goals. To get involved, all you have to do is:

1) Reach out to our team members in the official Telegram group to apply

2) Show us your support by writing a blog post, reviewing our project, making a YouTube video, supporting REMME on social media with tweets or Facebook posts, or by any other creative way.

3) Let us know about your Proof-of-Support by sharing a link, screenshot, image, etc with the team and other members in the Telegram group.

We’ll be happy to tell the world about your kind of support in our regular community update in the blog, and to honor you as REMME family member on the official website. In addition, you will enjoy:

- An additional 10% bonus during the forthcoming pre-sale

- Early access to the latest product developments and new feature testing

- Plus many great opportunities after the program launch

You guys and girls make us what we are. Get in touch and together, through REMME Family, let’s make our community stronger and better than ever.

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