Mercury Cash Joins the 2018 REMME Pilot Program

New participants in the REMME 2018 pilot program are arriving thick and fast. We’ve made a point of approving applicants from both within and outwith the cryptocurrency community, because we want to see REMME adopted by as many businesses from as many industries as possible. We’re pleased to announce that Mercury Cash is the latest team to be added to our ranks. They’re about as crypto as it comes, thanks to their Ethereum mobile wallet that accepts a range of cryptocurrencies.

Participants in our pilot program will be the first to experience the REMME protocol in action, and to benefit from the enhanced security it brings. In the process, we’ll gain valuable feedback on ways in which we can improve our protocol and enhance its usability. Similar to WandX and Changelly, who also recently partnered with REMME, Mercury Cash will have the opportunity to trial our technology to prevent unauthorized logins and implement certificate-based signup and login for their users.

Mercury Cash CEO Victor Romero said: “We’re very much looking forward to working with REMME, and finding ways in which we can harness their protocol to improve security for our mobile users, as well as for Mercury Cash merchants. After trialing REMME’s password authentication system with a selection of users, we hope to press ahead with a wider rollout, so that individuals who desire enhanced authentication and login have that option at their disposal.”

In addition to providing an Ethereum wallet, Mercury Cash’s merchant services enable e-commerce stores to accept cryptocurrencies at checkout using an easily integrated module. Founded in 2016 in Orlando, Florida, Mercury Cash also serves as a trading platform for cryptocurrencies, enabling users to change from fiat to crypto instantly.

Due to the rising value of cryptocurrencies, wallets and exchanges present a lucrative target to hackers. The REMME protocol seeks to mitigate these risks by reducing the most common attack vectors that are used to gain unauthorized access. As our authentication system is rolled out to pilot program participants in the coming months, we look forward to updating you on its performance in the wild and sharing the valuable feedback we receive from our growing list of partners.

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