Strategic partnership: REMME and SSFTIF «Ukrinmash»

On August 7, Alex Momot (CEO at REMME), Dmytro Budorin (Deputy CEO at SE SSFTIF «Ukrinmash» a part of the State Concern «Ukroboronprom») and Jan Keil (Vice President of Marketing at Infopulse) signed the Memorandum of Cooperation.

Why is it important?

A lot of state authorities, public and the private organizations have started working on innovative ideas but not many have reported on a Blockchain-based security initiative as a perfect fit for environments that need decentralized, independent, protected and continuous data exchange. During the next few years we hope to see the popularization of the Blockchain technology especially for its decentralized nature. It will transform several aspects of our lives including the security sector which has continued to witness increasing sophistication including on the part of perpetrators in their approach to identify security flaws in their targets’ systems.

Information security is a critical task for Ukrinmash, the access to data has been always calling for special attention. It’s a matter of both corporate, as well as state secrets security. Put another way, the security of the Ukrainian sovereignty may depend on how secure the access to the entity’s internal data is handled.

That’s why Ukrinmash started its project on powering the security of the access to the internal data within implementing passwordless authorization based on Blockchain technology.


We come up with the idea of REMME in early 2015, as a result of a series of cyberattacks that started hitting Ukrainian companies after events of 2014. Almost on a daily basis, there were news of fresh cases in the Ukrainian and global media. The growing level of insecurity at the time led us to start working on a solution that can protect sensitive data from being stolen and a broad range of cyber threats.

Until that time, our team members had already been working on different blockchain projects. Therefore we were already pretty familiar with the technology and the value it can bring to different spheres of our lives. We’ve started pitching the REMME concept to companies and acquired valuable feedback, which helped us to validate the idea.

After building the beta version in 2016, and running pilot projects throughout 2016–2017, we were proud to present our solution to the Ukrinmash team.

So how does the REMME solution practically ensures security of the system?

Using well implemented X.509 certificates and SSL cryptographic protocol for standardized communication and interaction within the ecosystem. The system is driven by the integrity of the private and public keys that provides an opportunity to manage the rights and access to data and protects them from the external influence and break-in.

As the main technology, the public Blockchain and mandatory 2FA to validate the employees’ access to the system will be used. Without a central point, the distributed database which manages a constantly increasing chain of records of all transactions that are validated by each user and fixed in the common ledger distributed among all participants, makes it impossible for its data to be forged, deleted or fall under somebody’s influence in any other way.

The technology itself is easy to integrate into the company’s internal infrastructure within a short time and without additional expenses.

What’s next?

The realization of the pilot project which will be implemented for Ukrinmash will be conducted in two stages. It will be implemented for 150 workstations in the first stage, while the second is hinged on the first stage’s success. The Memorandum is valid through December 2020 and can be prolonged with the consent of all parties involved, so if all goes well, the project will be continued for the rest of the workstations with an opportunity to expand the cooperation.

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