Technical community as the main engine for the future with passwordless authentication

Andrii Fedotov
Jul 20, 2018 · 2 min read

For the last few years I have been working with communities on Impact Hub Odessa (a worldwide network of social innovation centers). For me, the community is about decentralized structures that can create synergies and achieve tangible results through multi-leadership and collective goal-setting. For example, one such community is people struggling against the accumulation of garbage through sorting and recycling. This is about a large number of people uniting to harness the power of the crowd, with a view to introducing various innovative initiatives. In the process, they aim to undermine routine and existing stereotypes. My role is simple enough: provide support for teams, mentoring and consulting to help transform their ideas into a working product.

I decided to work on the formation of the REMME technical community because I believe that the issue of safe authentication and the security of personal data is pivotal in this day and age. I see great potential in enhancing the security of communication and data exchange through encryption and blockchain. But this is very much a global task that is beyond the power of one company. It is therefore important that REMME goes from being a brilliant idea into a real community that collaborates on this challenge for the benefit of all.

I oversee the development of the technical community through the formation of knowledge base and then focusing on its improvement. The main issues that we hear from the community concern the functioning of masternodes and the economy of REMChain, as well as issues relating to certificates and their storage. The REMME technical team is focused on solving key issues related to Atomic Swaps, REMChain’s consensus algorithm, as well as the application of technology in various fields. In order for us to successfully create a knowledge base that will make REMME an understandable and affordable solution, we plan regular video calls with the technical community, offline meetups, and joint work in the framework of the planned testing programs. At the heart of all these activities are special chats in our Discord.

We also want to show the community that REMME is not only a commercial product, but also an innovative open source platform for co-creation, cooperation and finding joint ways to make Internet of things (IoT), corporate systems, key infrastructure objects, and web platforms more secure thanks to passwordless authentication with REMME digital certificates.

Thank you for being with us! Stay tuned and join our Tech community!

The actual development process can be checked in the dev branch.

Releases are for significant functionality changes only.

REMME’s official links:

Remme Protocol

Deep dive into a blockchain-based Public Key Infrastructure

Andrii Fedotov

Written by

Tech Community Lead at, Master 2 in ENTREPRENEURIAT SOCIAL ET CULTUREL at Lyon Lumière 2 University

Remme Protocol

Deep dive into a blockchain-based Public Key Infrastructure

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