The Hackathon — We Won!

Just two weeks ago we returned from the Microsoft Blockchain Intensive, and we brought back some good news!

First of all, what is the Microsoft Blockchain Intensive? It’s a large, 3-day event in Kyiv, held by Microsoft Ukraine and focused on solving real-life challenges with Blockchain technology. On June 9–11th, 2017, the event gathered over 500 visitors, and received praise and support from PwC, Deloitte, EY, Infopulse, Distributed Lab, IDF Reforms Lab, and other local and international companies. It was a smorgasbord of awesome — such a massive gathering of amazing projects and ideas!

On the second and third day of the Intensive, 18 teams competed in a Blockchain-themed hackathon. The primary task was to create a solution, which would be fully compliant with the core ideas of Blockchain: transparency, decentralization, and security. The participants were free to either select an open topic or embrace a challenge suggested by real clients such as Raiffeisen Bank Aval and The Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority.

For the hackathon, REMME teamed up with Infopulse, an international vendor of services in the areas of Software R&D, Application Management, IT Operations, and Information Security. This proved to be a successful partnership, as together we won first place in the Microsoft Blockchain Intensive with our traffic collision awareness and reporting system, which is based on the core REMME authentication technology, IPFS protocol and Ethereum Blockchain.

We also made off with some amazing prizes! To the first place winners, Ernst & Young Global Limited offers business, legal and marketing consulting; help in gaining access to investors and global companies; as well as participation in one of their educational programs. Aside from that, they awarded us with invitations to VivaTechnology in Paris, one of the world’s biggest and most important startup conferences. Airalab has awarded us with a $10,000 grant to fulfill our project. Some exciting times are ahead!

The Solution

We presented our own solution for the automotive industry to make the roads safer. According to the statistics, the total cost of traffic accidents in 2016 was $249,271,731,355 and 16,842,685 people were victims of car accidents . We started thinking about how blockchain can help decrease traffic accident rates, and make the life of both drivers and pedestrians safer in a world with 1.2 billion vehicles on the road?

For the presentation, we used one of the most widespread use cases: two cars collide at a crossroad. Each driver claims to be driving on a green light. How do we find out who is right and who is wrong? Is it possible that the traffic lights were broken, and both drivers were deceived by a traffic light malfunction? The situation could potentially be worse, if one car was driven by an autopilot, or there were no cameras at that crossroad to show which light was actually on.

Our joint REMME-Infopulse team consisted of Alex Momot (CEO REMME), Taras Emelianenko (CTO REMME), Jan Keil (Vice President of Marketing at Infopulse), Yaroslav Pishta (Scala Engineer), Anatolii Padenko (Smart Contract Engineer), and Alex Brezhnev (Back-End Developer).


The solution is based on the Ethereum blockchain, and utilizes car sensors, telemetry, and distributed technologies to record traffic incidents and settle them before trial. If an accident happens, our system allows one to safely extract and analyze the telemetry data from the car, record it via Smart Contract and Microsoft Azure. The sensors necessary for this process can be located in the car, as well as in other cars, on traffic lights, etc. They record data instantly and send it to Blockchain, which makes forging, stealing or changing it nearly impossible.

The system also implements Blockchain-secured authentication, protection from cyber attacks, and allows gathering vehicle data for further infrastructure and car safety improvements. To make it more graphic, we presented an interactive visualization based on a sample from a sensor and confirmed data plausibility via Blockchain in Azure Cloud.

Who can make use of it?

Aside from municipal and state authorities, this solution is useful for:

Insurance companies:

  • Access to a car’s reliable telemetry data at the time of the accident and shortly before.
  • Find out who is guilty based on this data.
  • Instantly pay the insurance money to the victim (including in cryptocurrency)

Car manufacturers:

  • Objective vehicle data, including the one to analyse and improve its safety
  • Analysis of the autopilot, its functions and malfunctions

We don’t stop at what we’ve achieved. Currently, we’re continuing our collaboration with Infopulse, reviewing strategic opportunities and researching multiple applications of Blockchain in the automotive industry.

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