How might remote teams implement design thinking
methods effectively in their work process?

This study was made with the intention of helping companies in the creative industry understand how they can apply design thinking within a geographically distributed team. It investigates why design thinking is an effective framework for innovation and attempts to align the tools and methods of this approach with the growing movement of remote workers in order to help them improve the value of their products and services.

The report uses academic sources on design thinking and remote working to critically analyse their importance in the present context, as well as qualitative research on Hanno, a remote UX design agency, to explore how its distributed team can adopt design thinking. The report’s findings are based on a case study of a client project for Transcense, a startup based in San Francisco, and insights obtained from interviews with design thinking experts, remote designers and clients in order to deliver a general overview of the prevailing applications of design thinking.

At a time when companies are becoming more location independent and require new ways of working effectively, the scope of this research aims to set up a viable framework to apply design thinking methods in established remote teams.

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Remote Design Thinking

A study on how remote teams can apply design thinking effectively

Laïla von Alvensleben

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Remote Work Coach / UX Designer / Head of People Ops @ MURAL. Spreading the 💜 for remote work and design thinking →

Remote Design Thinking

A study on how remote teams can apply design thinking effectively

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