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Chapter 7 of Remote Design Thinking

Laïla von Alvensleben
Remote Design Thinking
2 min readMay 7, 2015


Based on the case study feedback, I created a structure for a 5-day sprint which outlines the different exercises and tools that virtual teams can use to apply design thinking remotely. It is particularly directed at Hanno’s team but can be adapted to other location independent teams.


  • This is a non-linear process, so the order and the length of the exercises can be changed and rearranged based on people’s availability and time zones
  • Exercises should be done collaboratively, but the team can decide when to split up for breaks or to perform tasks individually
  • Use Skype or Google Hangouts to communicate and revert to Slack if the internet connection is affecting the quality of the video calls
  • Do check-ins and check-outs when a team member joins or leaves the team
  • Select a facilitator to lead each exercise (when applicable)
  • Make space for others and defer judgement on people’s ideas
  • Trust in the process!

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Laïla von Alvensleben
Remote Design Thinking

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