DailyDrip and Elm Remote Meetups!

Reading the Elm Weekly this week, I came accross a link called Organizing a Remote Meetup for Elm. Awesome! In the blog post it says:

Anyway, the point is, this is a problem that I know extremely well. I’m from a far more populated area than the average programmer in America, probably, and it turns out the world’s way bigger than America. So this is actually a widespread problem for developers.

Josh Adams is trying to do this and RemoteMeetup will be partner! This is a pretty amazing partnership with them!

If you don't know DailyDrip, please take a look. It makes learning easier. Every weekday you’ll get a bite-sized piece of something awesome about a topic you are interested in. Best of all: it only takes five minutes a day.

We are looking forward to help people around the World, breaking geographic barries and creating meetups for everyone!

If you would like to join the Elm Remote Meetup, join the #remote-meetup channel on Elm Slack or join RemoteMeetup slack and stay tuned!