Go Remote Meetup — Thanks, GoBridge!

In the last few days, we got a lot of new sign ups for our Remote Meetup Slack team; we had a great remote meetup where we interviewed Nick Sutterer; and we are also thick on planning the next meetups. People are joining us from all parts of the world! It’s extremely exciting!

As you know, Remote Meetup is divided into branches: we have a branch for Go, Ruby, Elm, Javascript, and so on. Branches can also be non-tech, but we haven’t had any non-tech branch yet.

People who are participating in the Go branch are contributing with a lot of great ideas as we plan the way we organize so that our remote sessions will scale and be useful to as many people as are interested. One of these ideas was to distribute the work and have each branch have a steward for Remote Meetup, taking care of getting events scheduled and making sure everyone has access to a tool to record their remote sessions. With this endgoal in mind, we have partnered with GoBridge, who has stepped up to be the stewards for the Go branch. This means anyone in the world who wants to present a Go remote meetup can open an issue in the Remote Meetup Go repo without any formalities. The Go Remote Meetup organizers will be working to make sure the description is clear enough and get the event added to Go’s BigMarker channel.

As of today, if you are interested in Go and would like to participate in an meetup, regardless of where you live, be sure to sign up for the Go Remote Meetup channel on BigMarker to get notified of upcoming online sessions: https://www.bigmarker.com/communities/remote-meetup-go/. There is also a channel on Gophers Slack called #remotemeetup where people can get together and coordinate things.

We hope that once we get going, physical meetups that have the ability to record their meetings will join in making their recordings available in real-time! As with all cases, all recordings are made available for future viewing.

We are delighted to have this partnership with GoBridge. We hope together we can bring great content to a greater number and variety of people, and in the process help improve the developer community.

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