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If you are reading this, I suppose you have in mind some ideas about Remote Meetup. Or maybe you don’t live near a big city and you cannot find meetups near you nor people to join you in getting one going.

In the last few days, after publishing Why We Need Remote Meetup, we got a lot of Feedback in the Remote Meetup project. Below are some ideas that have come up.

The problem

Talking with people in the last few days, people from France, Canada, USA, Ukraine, Brazil, London…They all have the same problem: they are looking for meetups, but there are no meetups of interest near them.

Remote Meetups

When you are going to a meetup, normally you want to:

  • Improve your networking, meet new people
  • Keep updated about technologies/what people are learning

If you are going to a Remote Meetup, you can achieve both of these goals and, additionally, you are totally free to invite anyone you want, a core committer, for example, someone whose project you follow on Github, or someone you heard as a guest on a podcast show! The possibilities are endless!


The idea we had: each remote meetup will have organizers. We have already some organizers for:

I would like to say thank you to everyone who is on Slack right now and helped kickstart this initiative, specially Carlisia Campos, Iuri Fernandes, Guilherme, André Pitombeira, Schwarzenegger Alves, Débora Martins, Diogo Neves, Bastien, Cyril, Gautam.

Thinking about the next steps…

If you have something in mind and you want to help this project, please join our Slack channel: or send an email to and it will be a pleasure talk with you!!

The Name Change

  1. When talking about Remote Talks, people normally did not understand it well, and they were always thinking this initiative was about only tech talks or videos on internet.
  2. When I changed to talk talking about Remote Meetup, the term immediately understood and I didn’t need to explain a lot what the project was about.