Scaling RemoteMeetup — thanks,!

Remote Meetup is growing. We are thrilled, but scaling the content for more users and automating some of the administration is getting harder.In our last post we mentioned Go and their valuable sponsorship.

Thanks to, we have a Plus account that allows for up to 100 attendees to participate in any Remote meetup or workshop. Hired is a highly curated marketplace of only the best Technical and Sales talent, who are primed and ready for their next career opportunity. Hired increases transparency on both sides of the hiring process to help align candidates and employers from the start. With all of the information you need right at your fingertips, you can be sure you are focusing on only the right candidates.

Hired helps connect candidates all over the world, who either want to relocate to a specific city or work remotely, in both full time and flex roles.

This is much more than just viewing a live event. The attendees and speaker will have an experience of being together with real interactions.The platform we are using for this is BigMarker and I encourage you to test drive the tool as an admin.

Creating Meetups

Github repositories

Right now, if you would like to create a meetup, go to our Github, open a new issue in the language you want and the organizers will take care of the rest.

As you can see, there are some repositories with the language you want. Each of those repository has a correspondent channel in our Slack.

If you didn't find the Meetup/language you want, contact our organizers on Slack.

We already have some awesome people getting scheduled to offer talks. But with your help, we can schedule even more talks and build a worldwide community of remote meetups that anyone can attend. The platform is in place. Now it is up to you to step up and start that meetup you always wanted.

If you want to subscribe to Remote Meetup channel on BigMarker, you can and then you will receive updates for the next meetups.