An Insight strategy from Sabrina Chammas, founder of L’Atelier Coworking and The Focus Journal

When Coworking made products

Today I just talk with Sabrina Chammas about her coworking spaces and their fresh brand new Kickstarter campaign, The Focus Journal. I’m not always posting the episode of Remote Office podcast on medium but this one very interesting story. I’m not saying other episodes is usual but this one a bit more unique. So, I want to share a bit point here.

I think it’s pretty uncommon strategy but I never know coworking could have ability to do that. What I know in general, if coworking want to expand it’s always about finding new location, having partnership or build other types maybe. But products? She told me that works.

We also talks about how she got the idea to build L’Atelier, how she manage to grow her coworking space, what make her coworking space differents than other competitor, etc.

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Stay tuned for the next episode. It could be more exciting stories ;)