Co-working indeed is eating the world

The future of workplace.

Now co-working isn’t for regular workplace or meeting space anymore. Yet, it’s usual place for people who want to know more about local startup industry. Co-working is slowly taking every workplace in many industry. For instance; medical industry, bio tech, lawyers, hotel, bar even restaurant.

Austin-based co-working consultant David Walker defines co-working as workspaces creating a framework that allows people from different industries and occupations to connect with each other and grow professionally and socially.

Co-working space is forcing business model of the traditional office. It will impact not only corporate office design but also real estate in major cities. The reason why co-working is the future of workplaces:

  • Fully amenities without long commitments.
    Co-working allow renters or coworker player to have high speed internet, access all amenities-printing stuff and common space or conference room in great location. Making small companies or big firms can taste luxury appealing spaces with affordable price. Meanwhile traditional office space, you can rent it but need a financial deposit and have to sign a fixed-term contract beforehand.
  • Collaboration within coworker.
    Large corporation can learn from co-working to create more productive work environment and interactions that support long-term development of that employee. Since members of coworking community work for multiple organization so there’s less conflict among members.
  • High demand cool space with short leasing.
    Great location and amenity rich of office space attract business partner to join and retain valuable staff.
  • Internet and Technology is disrupting traditional offices.
    For years, traditional offices tend to use meeting places where employee come together to communicate and solve the problems. The rise internet and cloud technology makes you can easily connected with one single click. Forcing traditional offices to rethink their purposes.

The co-working industry continues to reshape how professionals think about their work environments. As a result, many hotels or restaurant blurring the line between “business center” and coworking space. Maybe by this time next year, you could have a desk at your favorite nightclub!

Stay tune for the next article ;)

Originally published on Remote Office.