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Jun 19, 2017 · 2 min read

A Perfect Gateaway from your routine

Do you feel overwhelming with the city that you live? Long time commute, cost of living is more higher than past few years and pollution levels are high. Is that makes you stressfull and want to get out from your routine? Or you are kinda person who just cherish work-life balance philosophy. Or you just want to have an experience different while working, on road trips maybe. You might wanna try rural coworking.

What is rural coworking?
According to the Mokrin House, Rural coworking are coworking spaces that are situated in remote, non-urban spots, such as the countryside, islands, mountains, ect. Working in a smaller communities or somewhere completely remote allows you to fully focus on your work. Also if you work in a small team, the bonds made in rural coworking spaces tend to be stronger, since in these situations you normally live and work from the same place. Whether that includes, hikes and bike rides, swimming or surfing, skiing or rock climbing, living outside of the cites allows us to reconnect with the nature — which is what most of us need from time to time. Working out from a rural coworking space, also tends to be cheaper than just living in a city.

Rural coworking have a big impact to the local community. For instance, hiring several people from the local village as staff and these jobs couldn’t exist without necessity of the space. Also, most people who stop by usually purchase some of the local produce from small business nearby. Apart from the sheer economic benefits, the local community is always invited to take part in educational and cultural workshops and seminars, which has unmeasurable nonmaterial benefits.

If you dare enough to have some kind of experience to work at rural co-working safari. Embracing uncertainty and sometimes chaos, makes you learn to be more patient, humbled, flexible, strong, resilient and open to the unexpected. You also had a chance to interact with startups and nomads who already living in rural areas, colive with alternative communities, getting to know masons, alchemists, majors and artists.

Rural and small town coworking was a also big topic at the Global Co-working Conference Unconference held recently where one of the sessions focused on small towns. So,where I could have an experience of rural co-working;
a. 3 days Koh Lanta, 3 days Railay beach, Thailand
b. Sende, co-working and co-living at Northern Spain
c. Eutopias, Nectar Co-working
d. X-Cultural Acceleration, Bali
e. Mutinerie village, Paris
f. Kantoor Karavaan, Netherland
g. Tahoe Mountain Lab Co-working, California

So, do you dare to get lost in rural co-working?

Stay tune for the next article ;)

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