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People have mixed feelings about parents who stay home to raise their kids: they’re lazy; they’re making a tremendous sacrifice; they don’t contribute to the economy; they are helping society by producing healthier, smarter, more self-confident adults. Regardless of your reason, you should know that, just because you’ve chosen to dedicate a lot of your time to nurturing your children, it doesn’t mean you can’t earn some money in the process. Being a stay-at-home parent can actually become a great way to make a living, especially if you find a good business idea.

Here are some suggestions that can get you started. Think about your talents, your interests and how much time you are willing to invest in this activity, and you might just find the perfect option for you.

Creating handmade items

Whether it’s wooden earrings, flower arrangements, gift baskets, natural soap or women’s bags, people seek any opportunity (birthday, Christmas, anniversaries) to surprise a loved or dear one with a present that has a personal touch, something man made, not imported from China and produced in a factory along with thousands of others just like it. The market for handcrafted goods has risen enormously in latest years, as millennials have learned to appreciate the effort, creativity and soul that goes into creating something from scratch and, moreover, the fact that it can be customized to a certain person’s liking. Be flexible and open to ideas and you will have a guaranteed pool of loyal customers.


People nowadays have also started to enjoy the crisp, fresh flavor and health benefits of naturally grown vegetables and herbs. Start a gardening project in your yard or on a rented plot of land, but make sure you have enough information about how to tend to each variety, since they all need different seeds, methods and seasons to yield the best results. If you like flowers, you can grow an assortment of them and make your own flower bouquets to sell or branch out to local florists, hotels, wedding planners, churches, etc.

Freelance writing

Freelancers are hired to write articles on a number of topics, from child care (which you should be an expert in by now) to baking a lava cake or going on a vacation or training your pet alpaca. Although the best approach is to write about subjects you have at least some basic or profound knowledge about, you can tackle almost any type of theme, as long as you do some research into the matter and invest time and other resources into it. Find newspapers, magazines or websites that are looking for content writers and give it a shot. Or, if you are literary inclined, contact a publishing house and send them a draft of your novel/short story collection/poems volume.

Home healthcare

Given today’s huge costs of assisted living facilities and live-in nurses, both you and the elderly person in search of a part-time caretaker can benefit from this arrangement. Make sure you learn about treatments and medication and be advised that it’s a physically and mentally demanding job, since you have to pay special attention to everything the patient does, aid him in daily tasks and be patient while doing all this.

House Cleaning

As long as dirt and clutter exist, there will always be a demand for house cleaning services. Invest in professional products and learn what exactly the client wants and expects from you, so that he will be pleased and become a loyal and well-paying customer.

Personal chef

If you enjoy cooking and satisfying hungry stomachs, as well as getting paid for it, this is your dream job. Anybody who likes to eat well and is willing to pay for it will happily employ your services. In addition to your passion, you also need solid nutrition knowledge and great organizational skills. You will probably have to shop for the ingredients, prepare and cook them, while observing certain likes/dislikes or even allergies that clients have.

Pet sitting and dog walking

If you like animals, this is the perfect job for you. You get to spend time with cute dogs, cats, hamsters and hedgehogs, while earning some money as well. If you are handy and aesthetically inclined, you may add grooming services to your activities, and income will rise.

Massage therapist

Invest some money into a massage table, some towels and essential oils, and you can start your own business. Clients can be people who are working from home and don’t have time to go to a professional salon, elderly men and women who cannot leave their homes, workers seeking some relaxation during their lunch break or people recovering from injuries or illnesses. However, you need solid medical knowledge, so that you won’t do more harm than good, therefore it would be a good idea to undergo a practical course and even obtain a certificate or diploma ascertaining your skills.


From fixing a tear in a pair of jeans to modifying clothes when losing or gaining weight, everyone needs the services of a seamstress once in a while. You can sew the usual, simple items such as curtains, bride veils or doll clothes, which don’t require much technique and dexterity, or you can develop your competence and turn it into a profession, creating customized, made-to-measure dresses, suits and other garments. Listen to your clients’ desires, but be honest and tell them outright when something won’t work or look nice on them.

Online courses/tutoring

You can work comfortably and profitably from your own home, via an Internet connection. You can teach courses on anything you have extensive knowledge about, including foreign languages, math, playing an instrument, accounting, cooking or programming. There will always be people with a desire to venture into a new domain or develop their abilities, and you can help them achieve their dream, as well as make a good living in the process. Find your talents, spread them far and wide and capitalize on them.

No matter what your reasons were for giving up a job and staying at home to care for your children, it doesn’t mean you can’t do anything else than spend time with them or augment your family’s finances. They are not mutually exclusive, so you can find an activity you enjoy and are good at, practice it whenever and wherever you feel most comfortable, while earning some money in the process.

TRISOFT encourages you to pursue your passions and maintain a connection with the business market, even if you have decided to become a stay-at-home parent. Options are numerous nowadays, therefore you can surely find a way to combine your homemaking skills with the profession or hobby of your choice. Good luck and godspeed!

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