3 Key Decisions That Can Change Your Life in an Instant


We all have moments when we feel uncertain about our future, when we want to plan ahead and we wonder if we are really making the right choices for a better tomorrow. Unfortunately most of us make more unconscious than conscious decisions in regards to our personal and professional lives as well.

When we need to establish financial security however, there is little we can leave to hazard. Because if we do so, we might end up with chaotic lives, exhausted physically and mentally and financially stressed.

So what can we do to change a bleak tomorrow into an optimistic tomorrow? For starters, we need to make conscious decisions. Here are 3 steps you can try that are proven to have great effect on switching from unpredictable into mindful decision-making.

1. Decide which is your main focus point

As we go through this crazy thing called life, we can focus on so many things and so many aspects of things. Some of us spend their life focusing on the past and even obsessing about stuff they failed to do as they desired. Being caught in the past is not the best case scenario.

The same goes however with being stuck in the… future. Obviously, drawing plans and having dreams for tomorrow is a good thing, but we shouldn’t get so carried away by the mirage of what’s coming and forget to appreciate the present.

The thing is that — if you think about it — the present is the least appreciated time of our lives and it is actually the most important. Having our focus on the beauty of this moment will create a pattern of appreciating what we have and will eventually create a new level of emotional well-being and wealth.

So you should start by asking yourself: which of the three are you inclined to focus more on — what you had, what you will have or what you have right now? Becoming aware of how much we have and don’t appreciate has started to become a cliche, but it still carries a great weight and importance. Just think about how much money you spend on coffee each morning and you will know what the daily income is for more than half of the planet. That kind of puts things into perspective, don’t you think?

So start focusing more on the present time and on the half-full side of your glass. Start appreciating your health, your family and friends, the environment, the money you earn fair and square. Do it on a deeper level, not just superficially. Take the time to really understand what you have and who you are now and you will see how much easier it will become for you to let go of the past and take your future seriously. But not too much :)

2. Understand how this shift in perception will change your life

But what exactly does it mean to have such a shift in perception? Like I said, when we become conscious and in a profound way, we take control of our lives by taking control of our emotions.

After all, everyone goes through pretty much the same joys and sorrows, but the difference lies in the meaning we are giving to the events of our lives, be them positive or negative. It’s true that the quality of our lives is controlled by the meaning we give to these events. And while most of the time we are unaware of the impact our decisions has on our future, we could make a conscious effort to change that.

First of all, try to think of your first reaction when something disrupts your life — an accident, a health problem, a job dilemma. Do you feel devastated or challenged to solve the situation? Do you feel like you don’t deserve what’s happening or do you walk on trying to learn from everything? Or maybe you are somewhere in between these two sides…

Whatever your current outlook on things, you have the power to change your focus and change the meaning of your life’s events. So take control and remember: meaning equals emotion, and emotion equals being alive.

3. Decide how you are going to follow the plan

We know this for sure: when the emotion is right, we have the upper hand in front of our competitors. But just hanging in thoughts and emotions won’t do the trick completely.

We need to take action, we need to become doers. The actions we take need to follow closely the conscious state of mind we have eagerly worked on so far.

Sometimes what is keeping us from doing what is right is (besides our old mindset) the pattern we have followed for so many years and the pattern we have seen and admired in the people around us. We tend to model our behaviour on the people in our lives whom we respect, enjoy and love. But also the people who frustrated and angered us. It’s funny, but while we reject negative approaches pertaining to the people in our lives, we often find ourselves falling back into their pattern, the same one that made us suffer yesterday.

So it’s useful to become aware of what our patterns are and try to change them. But what is more useful is to start looking for new role models. This is the 3rd key-decision that will change your life for the better. And I promise you — when you surround yourselves with people who are also experiencing what you want out of life, when you start leaving behind the people who are constantly bickering, fighting or judging, you will have a pathway that can help you create a permanent positive change in any area of your life.

Plant the right seeds

There are definitely more than 3 good ideas that we can apply in order to change our lives for the better. However, these 3 we have chosen to discuss today have something special and unique to them — they are all about our inner strengths and capabilities. They are about planting the right seeds — focus, determinations, self-appreciation, self-control — in our minds and getting rid of the „wrong” ones — anger, frustration, stress, loneliness.

At TRISOFT, we have a principle: every so often stand guard at the door of your mind and be the one who decides what gets in and what gets out, for these are the things that will shape your vision on life — whether you feel misfortuned or blessed about what you have.