5 Great Business Ideas for Your Next Startup


Dec 10, 2019 · 5 min read

If you ever realized you were tired of your 9-to-5 job and wanted more from life, such as increased freedom and a higher quality of life, you’ve probably given some thought to starting your own business. It sounds great — making a living from working on something you are passionate about, having a flexible schedule, being your own boss, creating something successful from scratch. But how exactly can one do that, without the risk of jumping from the proverbial frying pan straight into the fire?

Here are a few great examples of activities in high demand at the moment, which you might undertake when creating your own startup, so that you will be sure to skyrocket to the top of the elite companies list:

1. Device repairs

Electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, TVs, cameras, even sandwich makers and fans, microwave ovens, washing machines, printers and radios, they are all indispensable for everyday life. People use them constantly, they rely on them and sometimes even become dependent on them, using these machines to communicate, pass time, become entertained, make their lives easier, conduct their daily activities and improve their overall existence.

So if you have some understanding of how electronic circuits work, you can expand your knowledge and abilities through specialized courses and then start repairing people’s devices. Efficiency, quality and speediness are the traits that customers look for in a repair shop, so make sure you treat every job seriously and work toward building an extensive and faithful client list. But be careful, some of these machines contain sensitive materials and clients won’t be very happy if you misplace their information, settings or components.

2. Rental management

Whether it’s vacation rentals, Airbnb or long-term stays, real estate owners don’t really have the time to deal with the menial tasks involved in leasing an apartment or a home. This is one of the fastest-growing domains in the hospitality industry, and if you are willing to take over the listing, stocking, cleaning and serving of incoming guests or tenants, the rewards will be outstanding. The better you do your job, the more people will seek out your services and the more homes you can add to your portfolio. Your profit is usually a percentage of the gross rental price, but the advantage is you can generally negotiate its value — anywhere from 20–40%, which amounts to a satisfactory monthly income, if you’re managing a considerable number of properties exclusively.

3. Tourist guide

Whether you have tourist attractions right in your area or somewhere nearby, you might consider offering your services to tourists who want to come and visit them. Learn as much as you can about their history, geographical position, fun facts and great tips, then meet people at the station or go with them by bus or train to the desired spot, and make them feel welcome and enriched with a lot of great information.

Of course, it will help to advertise your guided tours on specialized websites, social media or through word of mouth, in order to reach the largest potential audience. Livestream parts of your visits to important landmarks and share the videos with friends and followers, post images and use the right hashtags, so that more tourists will be able to find you and get in touch with you.

Moreover, you can earn additional income by concluding a kind of barter contracts with restaurants and hotels in the area — meaning that if tourists ask about a nice place to spend the night or have a lovely dinner, you can recommend the contracted establishments and receive a percentage of their profit. Just make sure they offer decent, if not excellent services, otherwise you will gain a bad reputation and no one will trust you again.

4. Social media management

Social media is a phenomenon in itself nowadays, and businesses have neither the time nor the knowledge to deal with this aspect themselves. However, they are aware that it’s one of the most important domains of marketing, and by mastering the skills needed to do so, you will add value to local companies, while making a great living yourself. People search for and find everything they need on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter — dentists, auto repair shops, personal gym trainers, etc., and the people involved in all professional domains must have a strong online presence on these social media channels and thus, are willing to pay a lot for someone to increase their visibility and target audience. Follow popular media influencers and power users to find out their best strategies and shape your efforts according to theirs.

5. Educational material and courses

People are constantly searching for ways to expand their knowledge, learn new things, perfect their skills and develop their capabilities. If you can offer useful instructional material, they will be willing to pay a lot of money for this type of service. Make sure you choose a domain you are very good at and have something to transmit to others. You can perform this activity personally or online, charging an hourly rate or a monthly membership-based fee. Gradually, you can create your own local clientele and start collaborations with large businesses, offering training courses to their employees or management, depending on the scope of your business.


At TRISOFT, we believe there are many other endeavors that can bring you financial stability, while expanding your happiness index. If it’s important for you to make your own schedule, create your own goals and deadlines, secure a certain amount of freedom and autonomy, enjoy what you do and increase your productivity by picking and choosing what activities you become involved with, you should really grab one of these opportunities and try your hand at creating a successful startup.

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