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Introverts tend to be black sheep of the labor pool, with human resources specialists and job interviewers focusing on and preferring people who are more outspoken, outgoing and approachable, thus demonstrating that they value social abilities over concrete skills and competence.

Although an introvert is nothing more than a person more concerned with internal feelings and thoughts than external things, myths about this personality trait have come to portray these individuals as quiet, solitary, anti-social or shy. However, if we take the time to know them better, we will see they are actually friendly and have wonderful people skills. It’s just that, after a lot of socializing, they often need a bit of time alone, to recharge their batteries and collect their thoughts.

Capable, yes

From a professional standpoint, introverts are just as capable as extroverts of performing the same tasks, keeping the same deadlines and investing an equal amount of energy and dedication into projects and assignments.

Moreover, introverts have certain advantages over their colleagues: they are independent, diligent, very focused on the task at hand, creative, meticulous, active listeners and fast learners, taking the time to truly understand an objective rather than rushing into things. They prefer to get things done than sit around and talk about them, which is why they would make great managers and leaders — no more endless, boring, soul-draining meetings.

Also, they promote careful and efficient planning, as well as the creation of strong, productive, proactive teams. These qualities make introverts great workers, but only if they are in the right jobs and allowed the necessary “me” time to reflect and work privately.

So it seems the best jobs and professional domains for introverts are those that involve one-on-one interactions, more than group meetings and discussions; offer a quiet office or workplace rather than huge, open spaces that bombard them with lots of noise and distractions; require attention to details; involve independent and focused work rather than collaboration. But most of all, they need a career where they feel fulfilled and which matches their strengths, as well as managers or colleagues that know how to get the most out of their unique talents.

Such careers may include:

1. Writing and editing

Introverts crave silence and solitude, and are naturally creative. Their introspection and meditation time pays off, offering them a vivid inner world that produces wonderful literary works. They can channel their thoughts and ideas into special stories that they can afterwards publish on paper or online. If the story is already written by someone else, their attention to detail and diligence makes them perfect for fact-checking and reviewing the text for grammar and spelling errors. And, most importantly, they can perform the work from the comfort and peace of their own homes.

2. Photography

Introverts see the world differently from other people, so their unique perspective can help them take amazing photos and tackle subjects that no one has thought about. The upside is that they can work independently and enjoy a lot of peace and quiet in nature.


If they are fluent in one or more foreign languages, introverts can work as translators, converting texts from one idiom to another. International relations, commerce and globalization have increased the need for an easier transfer of knowledge and information from one country to the next, therefore this domain is on the rise and will surely be essential for decades to come. Most translators are self-employed and work from home or their place of choice.


If they are skilled and like to work with their hands, introverts can take up fixing things as part- or full-time work. If the job proves profitable and enjoyable, they can even open their own shop. Their meticulousness and penchant for planning and organizing aids them in inspecting, repairing and maintaining all kinds of motor vehicles: cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc. They can perform these tasks in their own garage, in a specialized shop and can work alone or with a small team hand-selected by them.

Computer programming

If they are skilled in computer science and like to spend their time behind a screen, writing code or fixing glitches, this could be the ideal job for introverts. It tends to be a solitary profession and can be performed from the intimacy and comfort of one’s own home, even while wearing their favorite fluffy pajamas. Working remotely as a programmer means no corporate working environment to deplete their energy resources, avoiding meetings or group work that makes them need some time afterwards to regenerate, thus eliminating many external factors that might cause dissatisfaction, energy drain and burnout on the job.

Unique needs

These are only a few examples of domains that are most suitable from introverts, but there are numerous other career paths for people with this special set of skills. The job must capitalize on their abilities and strengths, but it must also take into consideration the working environment, the structure and ethics of the company as extremely important factors for such individuals. Open-space floor plans, the absence of recreation rooms or offices for solitary meditation, the discouragement of independent work, the implementation of group projects will all deter introverts from choosing or maintaining such a trade. The job requirements and benefits must meet their unique needs and give them reasons to find work satisfaction, progress and fulfillment.

At TRISOFT we dig creative, quality work no matter if you are an introvert or an extrovert. We know there is no one “best” career for introverts and we also know that introverts are able to step out of their comfort zone and take on positions that are not traditionally viewed as adequate for them. And mind you, they will thrive in them.

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