8 Nice-to-Have Job Perks for Enhancing Employee Satisfaction


Apr 26 · 5 min read

In recent years, the business environment has become increasingly aware of how important it is for their employees to achieve a high level of satisfaction. This translates into the quality of the work they perform, their willingness to stay within the company for a long period of time and the overall added value they bring to the business. Incentives, benefits and job perks stimulate and inspire staff members to give their all or prospective candidates to want to join the firm, thus drawing top talent into the company and augmenting its chances of success.

Needles to say that, although everyone loves money, in the form of a good salary or tempting bonuses, there are certain perks which attract people even more than a few extra dollar bills. Here are just a few examples:

1. Complete health services

Although most companies nowadays offer health insurance and health care packages for well-known medical service providers, there are a number of businesses that offer on-site consults and checks, with or without an appointment. If someone is feeling sick and needs some medicine to alleviate the pain, it might be too much of a hassle to drive to a clinic or wait hours, even days, for a free spot in their busy appointment schedule. Thus, simple and immediate issues can be solved on the spot, by a trained professional. Even more useful and appreciated would be mental health services, such as counseling — either by telephone, video call or in person — and regular information sessions on how to deal with certain situations that might arise in somebody’s life. This is a benefit that very few companies offer, although it would be beneficial for all parties involved and might mean the world to somebody in need.

2. Continuous educational and professional development

If a certain unqualified employee is deserving and eligible for training programs, it would bring added value both to the company and the person’s life. The cost of higher education is something that many cannot afford, therefore offering assistance or full reimbursement to those who would like to continue their studies will surely convince them to join your company or remain with the business long after the completion of the courses. Also, specialized training, such as in the domain of management, IT skills or foreign languages will be highly appreciated and treasured.

3. Physical exercise

Whether it’s a gym in the company’s building, ping-pong tables in the rec room, yoga mats in the break room or organizing regular marathons with prizes, physical activity keeps employees happy, in shape and refreshed. Considering the recent interest, especially among young people, in this kind of job benefit, it will surely be more than appreciated and sought.

4. Free meals or snacks

Maybe employees didn’t have time to prepare a lunch box or they would like an alternative to what they brought along. Either way, complimentary snacks are always welcome — bagels, pizza slices, ice cream scoops or cupcakes are favorites, but you can always ask them personally or create a poll and allow them to vote on what to have next week/month as a free refreshment. Coffee or tea are also nice options that will make everyone happy.

5. Flexible schedule, with plenty of time off

Whether it’s choosing from working in the morning or in the evening, working from home or putting in extra hours, while turning certain days into part-time, leaving it to the decision of the employee or reaching a mutual agreement will work wonders in terms of job satisfaction and loyalty.

As an alternative, the company may opt for simply not tracking the work hours of the employee — as long as they get their assignments and projects done, it doesn’t matter how much time they actually sit in front of the computer. Also, extra vacation time for new parents, having their birthday off or allowing a whole week at home between Christmas and New Year’s Eve will aid in ensuring a perfect work-life balance and gaining the staff’s respect and commitment.

6. Giving back to society

Millennials and Gen Z in particular are very interested and love taking part in all sorts of projects and enterprises that help turn the world into a better place. Companies become involved and lead the way for employee volunteering, with tasks such as planting trees, helping children with homework, cleaning forests or simply raising funds for large-scale non-profit environmental organizations.

7. Work and travel

If the employee must travel to other cities or countries for work, the company can throw in two extra nights of accommodation, so that they may fully enjoy and experience the place. Thus, accommodation and transport are covered by the employer, and the employee must only cover his/her daily expenses for the additional time spent in the travel destination.

8. Pet-friendly workplace

Whether they cannot or would rather not leave their pet home alone for 6–8 hours a day, employees will appreciate it if you tell them they can bring their dog or cat with them to the office. It’s not mandatory that you set up a daycare for them or other amenities, just a comfortable corner where they can sleep, eat, play and be in the presence of their owner.

The right incentives

All in all, the present business environment must keep in mind that current rewards for employees involve more than financial stimuli and smaller workloads.

At TRISOFT, we believe the more innovative a company is in offering incentives and benefits, the more chances it will have to attract and keep the best workers in the field.

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