Cool tools to use in organizing your life


We all love our work and are spending lots and lots of time thinking about ways to make it easier, more efficient and more productive at the same time. We try different theories, read blogs about it and do our best to follow our instincts in our way to success.

But let’s face it, work is not all we do and really not all we want to do in life. There are so many other domains for us to thrive in, so many things to experiment, to become good at, to learn or just try once just for fun. We have families, hobbies, we travel, we play sports, we bike & hike or spend time reading, we make money and we spend money. Our lives are mostly the way we design them to be and with a little bit of extra luck, our lives are the way we dreamed they would be.

But how can we get here? What are the decisions that can change our everyday mechanics and make it better? What are the trusted ‘friends’ we might turn to when we face chaos and disappointments? Some of us have experimented with various means of improving our lives through a more efficient organization of our everyday chores and activities. It may sound a bit strict but, in the end, it isn’t. Let’s see why.

The perks of an organized living

Ever since we are little we are taught how to keep our things in order, how to organize our personal stuff and be as neat as possible. And we are explained that this will help us further in life. Of course, it’s the kind of teaching we are trying to resist at first, but in time we discover how beneficial a tidy desk/closet/room really is.

So in adulthood we find and learn ways to expand the tidiness to all aspect of our lives. We buy more modern furniture to fit the needs of our belongings — books, CDs, clothes, we purchase a computer or lapotop that will help us keep our work (and not only) in one place and then we go further and we purchase smart applications and software to give us better control over things.

Organize your finances better

One of the most challenging aspects to control nowadays is our finances. No matter how much we earn — even if we have a small or a large monthly income — we tend to find ourselves wondering where our money went.

Financially-wise, Mint is the coolest and most trustworthy app we have tested and used so far. It is a free online personal finance budgeting application, one of the very first of its kind in fact. When Mint first started out, the site was a pioneer in terms of online personal finance tools. In time, many companies launched similar products, some of which didn’t make it on the market for a long time, others are still out there, but don’t have enough stamina and are not making as many fans as Mint.

There are many attractive features that Mint brings, but some of them are less known and those are the ones we would like to make stars for today. So besides the very useful and popular expenses tracking, income tracking and creating and managing your budgets, there are a bunch such as tags and sms reminders, goals setting, mobile safety or cash tracking.

Indeed, compared to other similar tools, Mint can help you track your cash as well as your credit cards. You just need to enter the cash transactions and Mint will help you with this too. While many make good use of the available categories, less know that tags can be really useful as well. Use tags in combination with categories for further organizing your expenses. For example, if you own two cars, you could tag each one in order to learn how much each automobile ends up costing you each year. Also, Mint can send reminders on any mobile device. For iPhone and Android, there are the cool apps, but if you have a Windows or other type of phone, it can send SMS reminders to keep you updated on your finance status.

On the other hand, if you want to set yourself some big goal like purchase a new car or buy a house, you can trust Mint to help you organize your plans. All you need to do is create a separate account designated for your specific goal and Mint will track the payments going into that account. And last but not least, Mint offers you valuable security options, such as allowing you to disconnect your account from your computer or mobile device at any time, given the situation that one of these belongings would be stolen from you.

These are just a few of the new, amazing features that Mint offers its clients for free — you’ll get the tracking features and analysis that other sites and experts charge for, but you won’t spend a dime. Feel free to explore them yourself and let us know which one convinced you ;)

Organize your time better

Along with money, time is the other extremely important coordinate we need to manage daily and can become one of our worst enemies. Precious and scarce, it can go against all our needs and desires, can make our efforts seem useless and bring more disappointment than any other aspect of our lives. A badly managed time can wear us out and leave us under the impression that we lack the skills to handle our activities, whereas an efficiently managed time can be a great self-confidence booster.

We have discussed before about the advantages of using an efficient time-management system for your work. Many tools, such as Toggl and others similar are offering basic time tracking and invoicing features. We have decided to go further and build our own tool called Hive, comprising all the neat features you appreciate in great time management tools out there. Hive has an analytic feature, a report system and chat options altogether, making it easier for you to efficiently handle teams and projects. Until fully ready to be released and meet new people, you can check out for a quick look.

Also, talking about personal time as well, a smart way to organize it better is by keeping all your stuff in one place and manage them through a clever platform such as the classic Google. You got Google Calendar, Google Tasks, Google Docs and not only to help you out with this. Google Calendar helps you keep track of your meetings and appointments and other important dates and also lets you set email reminders. What’s more, you can sync your calendar with others — making it easy to coordinate get-togethers with friends or plan meetings with coworkers. Google Tasks is an app for simple text lists that’s accessible from Gmail, Google Calendar, iGoogle (your personalized Google homepage), and via mobile. And if you prefer just typing up tasks in a Word doc, there’s Google Docs. Your document will be accessible anywhere you have an Internet connection, plus you can invite others to see and edit it.

So, if you haven’t till now, give it a shot, start putting these virtual friends to good use and you’ll be amazed to discover that time may actually become your best friend.

Organize your tasks better

Jira is a great tool for yourself and your team, allowing you to capture and organize issues, prioritize them, act on what is more urgent and closely follow-up on the outcomes. Moreover, Jira will offer you a modern and flexible service desk experience, streamlining customer requests and boosting your team’s efficiency.

Trello on the other hand does a very good job from a visual perspective. Trello breaks everything down into colorful project boards, easy to identify and work with. According to Trello, it promotes a freemium business model, as it refers to it being free of charge and premium quality. Adaptability is its most appreciated feature, as it seamlessly integrates with your team, your project, your business agenda. Trello features a quite simple design, but it does a pretty complicated job allowing you to manage your projects in a single glance. It also has a Facebook voting option, where colleagues on a project can ‘like’ an idea — a simple way to ask for an opinion on your work.

And our personal favorite — GitHub — a professional web-based git repository hosting service offering the distributed revision control and source code management (SCM) functionality of git and at the same time adding its own particular features. On top of git, which is mainly a command-line tool, GitHub also provides a web interface and both desktop and mobile integration.

Find a master organizer

For those of you who are in search of a wonder app that would combine the easiest ways to get all sorts of stuff done, you could find your ideal partner in Wunderlist, a cloud-based application that allows users to manage their tasks from their smartphones, tablets and computers. Also, it can sync instantly between any device, so you can practically access your lists from anywhere you want to.

Whether you’re sharing a simple shopping list with your partner, working on a big project, or planning your summer vacation, you can trust Wunderlist to make it easy to share your ideas and fast & efficiently collaborate with everyone and anyone. Wunderlist is the one to help you get all your personal and professional to-dos ready. Magically, Wunderlist helps you stay organized, keep track of what you need to do, and helps you meet your objectives. We simply love it! Oh…have we mentioned it’s free?

TRISOFT says: “Get your organizing-kit & Enjoy life!”

If you ask us, the key to an easier life is the smart organization of your professional and personal stuff. These two combined, you will find the time and resources to invest in both your work and passions equally. The nice tools we tested and are now reviewing for your benefit have proved efficient for the TRISOFT team and not only, and we are happy to share our positive experiences with you. One of our latest discoveries in the startup business is, a cool place where you can get acquainted with the most efficient ways to improve your entrepreneurial skills and learn how to build a great company. You can choose to learn on your own or join the community to learn with other startup founders who are looking for the same thing. Check it out and get yourself some fresh ideas for your startup. We’ll be coming back soon with other juicy ideas you might find useful, so…keep close!