Deliberately Searching for the Good in the Bad (aka 2020)

Apr 7 · 5 min read

Be it from a personal, professional, educational, social, economic or technological perspective, almost anyone you ask how 2020 was for them will most likely not speak in favorable terms about this year which brought unprecedented changes and challenges for the entire world.

Things were definitely bad. We definitely cannot change what went wrong in the previous months and complaining will not get us anywhere either, so it’s time to look back and see what we can learn from everything that unfolded and how we can use those revelations to guide us in the future.

We know, it’s hard work finding the positive in a difficult situation, but only by accomplishing it we will move forward and make progress individually and as a society.

1. Judging correctly

First and foremost, one of the essential things to take away from this entire experience is probably to limit the amount of information you get from outside sources and learn how to judge it properly. At the beginning of the pandemic, we were all hungry for facts and reports, so we devoured news bulletins and websites that presented materials concerning the one and only topic of interest at the moment.

However, obsessing over these preponderantly negative viewpoints influenced our personal and professional plans and choices, making us anxious, fearful and wary of developing our business or outlining a few steps that needed to be taken. Finding a balance between obtaining the right amount of information and keeping a level head regardless of what the news is telling you will help in making decisions and strategies in all domains of a person’s company and life.

2. Enjoy the little things

A second valuable lesson related to working from home, which has become the norm for most of today’s society, is to enjoy the little things that tend to get on our nerves and distract us from our professional activities. Spouses, children and pets are elated to be in our presence for longer periods of time and we should enjoy their company as well.

Keeping an eye on kids or helping them with homework, playing with the family dog or simply having lunch in the kitchen with our significant other will shift our attention from our duties temporarily, but it is an invaluable gesture that will brighten their entire day and put us in a better mood too.

Negotiating breaks and a more relaxed work schedule might allow anyone to be involved both in domestic and business activities, while taking pleasure in such tasks.

3. Networking properly

Also, creating and maintaining a network is crucial in times of trial. People support one another emotionally and professionally, they give each other advice and create common plans to keep businesses alive and even prosperous. Restaurants might become partners with local craftsmen that supply tableware or courier services that deliver their meals to hungry customers, children’s clothes stores can promote toy brands that go hand in hand, and banks can endorse small local businesses which are their clients.

Also, companies can merge their activities for a while, providing the most essential and sought items nowadays, until the crisis and increased demand passover — perfume and alcoholic beverages manufacturers can team up with disinfectant producers and create hand sanitizers, tailors and clothes brands can create masks and protection equipment, etc.

Adapting, reaching out and being open to discussions and associations will keep businesses alive and thriving.

4. Appreciate the perks

Connecting with people across the globe through one click or a stable Internet connection has become paramount in our day and age, so we should take advantage of and appreciate this newfound convenience and simplicity of communication.

No more commute time, no more office distractions, less money and resources spent with office spaces and materials, all these are advantages to be kept in mind and even prolonged further into the future, if not constantly, then at least for part of the work week.

We are indeed human

Things we never would have taken into consideration before have been tried and tested now and we have come to understand that there are as many pros and there are cons to any and all situations. However, as it is human nature to concentrate first on the negative, we tend to lose sight of the positive aspects that could influence our entire evolution.

When put to the test, people either get scared and drop everything they were doing, go into hiding and wait out the storm, or they become more focused and dedicated, mustering all the hope and passion they have inside and striving to reach their ultimate objective of keeping their business afloat or even expanding the firm. Hope plus an action plan will lead anyone successfully through challenges and hardships.

Smarter and stronger yet

Yeah, 2020 was a tough year.

But instead of trying to erase it from our memory or banish it to a deep dark corner of our mind, we should learn from it and try to squeeze out every drop of insight and wisdom it had to offer us.

At TRISOFT, we believe we have come out stronger and smarter on the other side and we should definitely use this experience to further our development in life and at work.

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