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You’ve finally made it! You took your childhood dream or revelation venture and turned it into reality. You opened your own business and are fully dedicated, prepared and enthusiastic about finally seeing your plans take shape.

But the truth is that you cannot and should not assume such a huge responsibility on your own. You will probably need a small team, with each member specialized in their own domain, to help or guide you through certain aspects of the business that you might not be an expert in. So how can you obtain or form a hiring philosophy or mindset, so that you will be able to make the best choices and find the ideal people to aid you in accomplishing your goals and invest in your enterprise with the same passion and principles that you hold dear?

1. Is it time?

First and foremost, you should identify the right moment to start building your team. It’s alright to lay the foundation yourself and prepare the scene in advance, but at some point, you might notice that things are beginning to get out of hand. The first signs that should raise red flags are the following:

Are you spending too much precious time running small errands that could easily be done by someone else, while you dedicate your time and energy to more important projects and tasks? Are there so many clients or suppliers that you cannot possibly attend to all of them or give them the necessary level of attention that they demand or deserve? Are there areas such as accounting, legal issues or IT glitches that you cannot seem to get a handle on? Have you started turning a profit, so it might be logical and useful to expand the team and hire an assistant or a professional in a certain domain of the industry?

If so, then it is probably the perfect time to grow your business and make a calculated investment in the human component, by hiring people who share your vision, passion and objectives.

2. What are you looking for?

Before starting the hiring process, you should take some time and reflect on what exactly you are looking for. Determine what you need, describe the tasks that must be performed, estimate a period of time in which they should be completed (4/8 hours/day, 3/5 days/week) and find a way to efficiently communicate the methods that must be used and the results that should be obtained.

Consider whether you need highly specialized experts or more well-balanced generalists. It all depends on your company — a small business could use generalists who free up space and time for your creative, organizational or supervisory activities, whereas a large company will need specialized personnel for each department. Everyone’s roles are equally important, but they imply various expectations of qualifications and abilities.

Your hiring philosophy should take into account the specific needs of your business and bring people on board accordingly.

3. Use technology as well

Another thing you should learn is that help doesn’t always come from a person — automation is an invaluable tool that can save time, energy, money and resources. Using software or logistic systems created especially for completing a task without human intervention can deal with activities such as scheduling social media posts, adding newsletter subscribers, setting up reminders, notifications and reports, chatbots and so much more.

Every business process, such as human resources and customer services, can be automated, especially as technology becomes more sophisticated and easily accessible. Automating processes allows resources to be diverted elsewhere, which means companies can remain smaller and more agile.

With increased efficiency, productivity and lower costs come higher profit margins, therefore we might say that automation is transforming the economy as a whole. What this means for businesses, workers and consumers will be the subject of much debate in the future. However, one thing seems certain: if a process can be automated, it will be. So jump ahead of the trend, make your life easier and let automation help you, as well as save and produce money for your business.

4. Teach and train

On top, for non-electronic assistants, consider the implementation of training programs and courses. No matter how well-prepared people are, they still need to be brought to work together along the same lines and toward a common objective. The onboarding process can be made more efficient through pre-recorded or virtual tours, presentations and explanations, especially when employees will have to work remotely. In an online work environment, finding the right fit will be a challenge, but it will also lead to keeping standards high and communication running smoothly.

Employees will not always be on the same level as the owner, so in order to determine whether they share your vision or if they are up to the task, try increasing their responsibilities gradually, then evaluating and adjusting their results. You will almost always have to train people, but if you do so correctly, you will only need to do it once and it will be well worth it.

Keep on your way

At TRISOFT we think that by efficiently finding helping hands to aid with the heavy load of your business, you will expand your company much faster than you would be able to on your own.

Keep these tips in mind, find qualified people that you can trust and automated processes and applications that can make your job easier. Before you know it, you’ll be the leader of a team that is ready to make a difference.

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