How can you make a brand successful?

May 25, 2015 · 5 min read

Recently we have explored the most popular and efficient ways to make a brand successful. Since the competition on the business market is so tough in most industries, we are safe to say it has never been a more appropriate time to stand out and bring to the public a unique identity through strategic branding.

Jerry McLaughlin, brand builder at Forbes, says:

“Brand is the perception someone holds in their head about you, a product, a service, an organization, a cause, or an idea. Brand building is the deliberate and skillful application of effort to create a desired perception in someone else’s mind”

But how can you make your way into customers’ hearts, minds and wallets? Today we will explore the common characteristics of successful brands, we will see what makes companies thrive in terms of branding strategies and offer you a helpful guide to building your own successful brand.

It’s a kind of magic

Whether your company is small or big, whether you’ve been around on the market for many years or just got started, you need a bit of magic to grab the attention of prospect clients. But in fact, this kind of magic doesn’t just happen, but is the result of marketing, sales, management and brand strategies.

Here are the most important ingredients of the magic recipe:

1. Having a clear vision. It’s very important for starters to have a clear vision of your goals. So make a plan, analyze your options and keep a close touch with reality. Dreaming and planning your next steps at all times is what a true visionary should always keep on their agenda.

2. Knowing your public. Aside from your goals, your target audience is what matters most when making a branding strategy for your business. Consuming time, effort and resources to promote your business to the wrong segment of public can be quite damaging and hard to recover from. So before you can launch a smart branding strategy, be smart about finding your dedicated audience, as finding the right branding approach requires first understanding the target market.

3. Think freely. In a world of permanent change and challenge, thinking outside the box can separate you from your competitors. So it’s a plus if you have the ability to see things differently. Reading specialty articles, participating in thematic conference and meeting with people who share your visions and passions can really help you build a fresh perspective of the business environment and offer your public something new and amazing.

4. Be unique. So we have established that putting a brand identity together requires something distinctive. Most big companies are known worldwide for a certain feature, a trick that convinced customers to try their products or services. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a revolutionary idea, if it’s built within a niche. Finding a niche can be quite challenging in itself, but it is indeed one of the magic ingredients of building a great branding strategy. Once you figure out what your trick is, you can concentrate on gaining recognition.

5. Be passionate. This is an advice we’ve been getting ever since we were little: if you want something to work, you have to be passionate about it. When we apply the concept to businesses, we discover that building a long-lasting brand without passion is a clearly invalid option. When you look at extremely successful people like Steve Jobs, they all have a serious passion that keeps propelling them to work hard and continually deliver greatness.

That kind of passion leads to enthusiasm and genuine joy, which is infectious, so not only will you as an owner be infatuated with your product, but it will transmit to your clients as well. This will lead to positive word of mouth and good referrals in your industry, which will lead to new clients. Passion is also what keeps a business going through the inevitable hiccups.

6. Be consistent. We all know that markets are saturated with competitors, so whatever we do can draw our customers to us or away from us. Every step is important and while branding is somehow a finessed touch, keeping the quality of your products or services constant is simply a classic must.

When a consumer comes back to a business, they will expect to receive the same level of quality they received the first time around. Restaurants and their food and service quality are a great example of this. Nobody wants to keep doing business with a company they cannot rely on for consistency, so be very careful to keep in line with the quality standard you are promoting, as it can be a deal breaker.

7. Keep a competitive attitude. Even when your business is already thriving, you shouldn’t rest on the idea. One of the magic ingredients of the branding recipe is competitiveness. This basically means that all your employees, all your departments should struggle to perpetually bring something new, something better, something more appealing to the clients. The clients won’t do the work for you, you have to be the one to come up with a new, fresh idea in order to be on the cutting edge of your industry.

8. Keep high exposure. One of the tricks of our times is being able to reach as many consumers on multiple channels. Big companies will have the resources to invest in all kinds of promotion, from live, radio, to television and the Internet. Smaller businesses, with smaller marketing budgets, have to rely mostly on the Internet and social media, so the best thing you can do is develop a strong and active presence on networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and blogging. The way in which you choose to do it is also important, as it has to be consistent with the rest of your branding strategy.

9. Invest in great leaders. Behind every thriving community there’s typically an influential leader, someone who will steer the wheel and direct the actions of the company towards its desired goals, who coordinates the efforts of its team members and guide a strategic vision for a brand. For large companies, this may be the CEO and for smaller ones, it’s usually the owner. Either way, investing in raising great leaders might just be the perfect way to maximize the strengths of your branding strategy.

10. Good vibes. Last but not least, the energy you invest in your ideas, plans and branding strategies has to be strong and positive. The entire Universe is made of energy, so your good vibes and optimistic view will count for a lot for both hard times and good times.

Ready, set, brand!

So here are a handful of ideas meant to assist you on your way to building a successful brand for your business. At TRISOFT, we are working as a team to create and sustain a powerful brand, through creativity, passion and dedication. Our brand stands for high-quality services appreciated worldwide.

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