How to move past our shortcomings in order to achieve success

Apr 24, 2016 · 9 min read

While some new or less new entrepreneurs quickly find their way to success and seem to have that gut feeling leading them to their purposes, there are also many businessmen who struggle to get there. The thing is that when you find the right opportunities for your business, those that can take you to a whole new level of success, you want to be able to grab them and hold on. The last thing you want to do is trip on some obstacle or another, and let it get away. Or worse, be the very object in the way of your success.

Fighting our shortcomings

Learning from an early stage what our shortcomings are and how we can overcome them can be quite an art. However, if you look around and investigate the reasons why some fail to identify and correct their own mistakes, you will discover the reasons are pretty much similar for everyone. And the good part about it is that they can easily be remedied, if we have clearness of mind to acknowledge them and the openness to address them.

In time, we have heard many excuses for people not getting the results and success they desire. We too have used some of them ourselves every now and then. Basicly, they go like: The opportunity wasn’t really there, The timing wasn’t right, I just didn’t fit with those people and maybe the best one — I’m just not lucky.

And maybe the excuses were valid for some situations. The point is though that these excuses are used even when they are not valid or even close to reality, only to justify a situation or another. Many of us start excusing ourselves from incredible opportunities before we even have the chance to fully explore the possibilities.

So, let us see which are the most common mistakes we are bound to make:

1. Being unable to complete a task before starting a new one

When you want to get so much done, invest, expand, achieve greatness, sometimes you rush into things and jump from idea to idea, from plan to plan, from project to project without carefully considering the needs and requirements for each of them. This is how some entrepreneurs seem never to finish up what they started. For whatever reason, it doesn’t matter how much time they have or how many resources are available to them, they just can’t focus. Maybe it’s the overwhelming enthusiasm, maybe it’s the fear that their final product could actually be good and they’ll have to face challenges and expectations seldom fully anticipated; or maybe they worry things won’t turn out perfect and they won’t be able to fix in proper conditions what they did wrong.

However, it’s good to remember (as a businessmen and not only) that the only purpose of starting is to finish. So try to follow up on your projects and bring them to a result before taking on new challenges.

2. Constant complaining

This one is pretty common and disturbing, since every clear-minded entrepreneur knows that there is no value in complaining. Becoming a victim of the system, the clients, the world, is not a valid option on the way to success. Besides, the only actual things you cannot control in life are death, diseases, accidents or some other horrible tragedy. Other than that, you can always bring yourself together, pick yourself up and fix whatever went badly.

So instead of complaining, here is an idea: assess the problem, find the solution, get on the offense. Complaining is playing defense, and, as you may already know, you need to be an offensive player to get things moving your way.

3. The syndrome of always being right

No, you aren’t always right! Even if you’re the CEO, the founder, the guru, the guy who fought teeth and nails to build the company, you are not always right! NONE of us is! We are all susceptible to it: the dread and horror of being wrong. But it’s up to us if we admit when we are mistaken and try to smoothly learn from our crooked steps, or not.

For many entrepreneurs it’s difficult to acknowledge a mistake and this is how learning opportunities are missed and pride in its bad sense builds up, leading to future disappointment and struggles. Mistakes are stepping stones to learning and success, so don’t shy away from asking for advice and admitting when you’re wrong, so you can quickly move forward and do better.

4. Waiting for the big moments

This is one of the biggest mistakes that businessmen make and to some extent popular culture is guilty for it. Wherever you turn you hear great advice and stories about the moment of glory when you wake up in the morning or you open your email one afternoon and there you have it: THE opportunity, your big moment!

The truth is there are no big moments for those who work permanently towards their goals. There are achievements and there is success, but to wait and fantasize about some sort of entrepreneurial redemption is like princessly waiting for the knight in shining armour. It sets unrealistic expectations that are later on harder to fight and make gone.

In reality, trying to figure out whether this is the moment that you made it will only keep you from moving forward. And the only moment you have truly made it is the moment you decide to take action and go for your dreams.

5. Lack of optimism

As in life, in business there are good times and bad times. There is success and there is failure. But no matter the point of the journey you are at, it’s important to keep your morals high and persevere. We know, when you’re going through a rough patch, there are so many reasons why you should be down, but it’s important to find at least one very good reason to stand up, gain perspective and get thicker skin. Walk or crawl — just move forward!

Build up your self esteem, as to be able to get to the top you need to have optimism. No matter what happens, it’s the way it is, and you have to keep going. If you truly believe in yourself and what you’re fighting for, you’ve got it! Don’t let negative thinking get in the way of your success. This is how you keep optimism alive!

6. Lack of discipline

When you’re in for the big fish, you just can’t be sloppy. Remember that your competition is made of people who are just as prepared or more prepared than you are. You are competing against professionals who train and practice and constantly learn, so you need to be able to keep up with the pace.

Being in control of your business and your work means being in control of your professional self. Start little, with having your priorities settles and eliminating distraction as much as possible. Learn to focus and dismiss anything that might get in the way of you achieving your goals. And don’t forget to rest; no one can work non-stop without reaching burnout at some point or another. And that is really one of the oldest traps you could fall into.

7. Lack of confidence

Insecurities are extremely powerful and disruptive in the world of business and we can say for sure that we all had our share along the way. And we are not yet completely shield against them for the future. When you own a startup or a smaller company and you are taking risks with every new step and idea, it’s hard not to be haunted by all sorts of fears.

However, whining and complaining and dreading the unknown of tomorrow aren’t at all solutions. You need to shake the dust and boost up your confidence by being prepared and decisive every day. Give yourself what you know you need. Whether it’s practice, research, food, sleep, a massage…anything that will get all obstacles from your way so you can move forward without so many concerns.

8. Lack of courage

It’s surprising how many people spend their precious time wondering and waiting for an impulse that would shake their world and drag them towards success. When it comes to business, being fearful and timid is not an ally in chasing your dreams. You need to take action and be bold!

This doesn’t mean, of course, to be irresponsible and careless. You have to be well prepared and know how to pick your moments. Some are for waiting and analyzing, some for study and assessment, but some are definitely for taking the jump and daring to face their biggest challenges.

9. You forget to be grateful for what you have

Another mistake we often make and it really gets in the way of our success is forgetting to be grateful for what we have. The desire to achieve more is natural and so is the need to constantly improve and make things better for your company. But on the other hand, one needs to set up some boundaries and stop to breathe in and out, and be thankful for all that she/he has. It might be a positive cash flow for your business, it might be good health or cheerful friends, or all of them together if you are lucky.

Every once in awhile it’s wise and helpful to acknowledge the milestones you have reached and this way refresh your mindset and start building on new objectives. Remember, with turbulent times comes growth and opportunity, so don’t be afraid to thank for those too.

10. Fear

Maybe we should have led with it, as fear is indeed one of the most dangerous of the human shortcomings. Fear of failure is probably one of the biggest causes of failure. Concerns about the future, concerns about costs and loss, all these can paralyze you if you aren’t prepared for the hardship as well. The easiest way to overcome these fears is to take action. Simply forge ahead with your plans. What you can do is make up a list of tasks you need to follow and start checking each box as you move along. This way you will do it step by step and eventually you’ll discover you have run out of tasks and have achieved your goal. It’s quite a good fear-chaser!

Fear however isn’t necessarily bad, as it can motivate you to be smart and cautious when it’s necessary, thus achieving more, if you handle it properly. Allow fear to help you instead of defeating you.

It’s part of the game

There are so many things that can get in the way of a dream. Maybe your budget doesn’t allow you to start the business you want to lead. Or maybe you cannot find the right people to join you in your conquest. But any of these issues seem just annoyingly simple when you realize that the real forces keeping you from reaching your objective are within you.

What we have discussed above are just a few of those things that can get in the way. There are definitely more. Maybe you’ve even run into others already on your path. As entrepreneurs, we all make mistakes. That is just part of the game and sometimes of the fun of being willing to take risks and start over yet again.

At TRISOFT, what we have learned is that being forced to fight to overcome our shortcomings is one of the best things that can happen to a business man. It toughened us and taught us about our limits and about our true potential as well. And also, a precious lesson we have come across is that the more humble, receptive, disciplined and positive you are, the more likely it is for you to succeed.

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