How to turn a crazy idea into a business

Jan 14 · 5 min read

Start-up businesses and entrepreneurship in general are regarded as unconventional, unusual and unsafe ways of making a living, originating from and leading toward unexpected places.

Businessmen usually start off young, with strange, novel and wonderful projects, which they invest a lot of time, energy and resources into, in order to see them through or at least test the water before taking more serious and fruitful action, or starting a career in the domain. They come up with crazy, implausible ideas and rely more on instincts than plans and regulations. However, their journeys can be distilled into a few principles that might help others follow in their footsteps or at least understand that “crazy ideas” aren’t necessarily absurd or doomed to fail:

1. Being alone doesn’t necessarily mean being lonely

When starting your first business, chances are that you have no experience, no resources and no support network behind you to share in the commercial risks and benefits. Being alone can sometimes be considered an advantage: you make your own decisions, establish your own schedule, become more careful and meticulous in your actions, since there is no one else to put the blame on if things go wrong, but you also reap all the benefits, not having to share the profits with anyone. Yet being alone doesn’t necessarily mean being lonely or isolated — you can create a network of people to accompany you in your journey, by advising, helping, encouraging, promoting or endorsing you in some manner. Successful out-of-the-box thinkers and innovators will always be happy to aid other “loners” who are barely at the beginning of their path, and you might capitalize on their aid, so seek them out, ask for guidance and break the boundaries of loneliness, creating a support system and an entire web of mutually beneficial connections and relations. They will surely prove to be very useful and invaluable in expanding and turning your vision into reality.

2. Think big, think internationally

A good entrepreneur needs to understand how the world he lives in works, so he has to fully take part in it. Do research, get in contact with people from every part of the globe and gain insight from different societies and cultures, in order to develop your own perspective and see how you can merge it with what the rest of the world needs and wants from you. Novel ideas can come from anywhere, including your own home, but there are higher chances of them emerging when you are confronted with a different city, country, lifestyle, demand, desire or obligation. Open your mind and heart, and the world will inspire you to take action.

3. Businesses practically change things

Businesses are most interesting and fulfilling when they have a clear purpose and reliability. Young entrepreneurs can make a good living from doing what they like, traveling the world, creating the products and services they believe in and having fun while they’re at it. But along with age and experience, they begin seeing that what truly matters is having an impact on the community, the environment or the entire world. Genuine business purposes aim at tackling some of the biggest challenges and problems in modern society, thus also trying to improve a significant aspect of it, apart from turning a profit. Important and noble goals must motivate other people to take part in them as well, so you have to be ready to adapt and evolve, in order to take advantage of the opportunities presented to you and respond to the needs and desires of everyone involved, building on the momentum gained and increasing the speed at which things are getting done — only then can real change start to happen in the world.

4. David and Goliath

Most great ideas start with an innovator having a “Eureka!” moment, seeing opportunities where others see impossibility, risking doubt and ridicule for the chance to do something formidable, visualizing something greater than themselves, turning the impossible into the achievable, riding the line between madness and genius. The entrepreneurs who shape the future are those who are not afraid to test the absurd — in fact, they welcome it with open arms. They are disruptors, agitators, contestants of the status quo and naturally inclined toward asking tradition-challenging “What if?” questions, going from the careful “why?” to the passionate “why not?” and the quickly to the practical “how?” Most of humankind’s greatest achievements start with these simple, but important questions and this mindset.

Changing the paradigm

At TRISOFT, we believe that we can make a significant change in the world and still turn a profit while doing so. And even if chances are small, you must never be afraid to try and defeat the “Goliath” standing before you with only your bravery and your determination. This is the only sure way to get started on an entrepreneurial journey and go from “crazy” to “feasible”.

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